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5 Great Gifts for Guys — Everything You Need for All the Men in Your Life

Whether it’s for your bestie, your bro or your S.O., these 5 great gifts for guys are just what Santa ordered

Great gifts for guys
Photo: Kira Auf der Heide

Coming up with a list of great gifts for guys in your orbit is anything but easy. Your S.O. buys everything he wants and needs for himself, your best guy friend is an enigma and you feel like your in-laws are going to judge you no matter what you get them. Then there’s your bro (biological, work, whatever) who probably doesn’t realize it, but just wants something that will allow him to spend time with you.

What to do, what to do? The best gifts are the ones that they’ll be grateful for and remember all year. The worst are the ones that they’ll tease you about mercilessly for the next 12 months, or that you’ll find under the tree next year with someone else’s name on it.

In order to spare you humiliation and earn you sincerest gratitude, we’ve come up with this fun list of five great gifts for guys that should cover most of the men in your life. You’re welcome.

5 Great Gifts for Guys


For Your S.O.: Thai Moon Knife

What guy doesn’t love chopping things? This knife makes it special. Each Thai Moon Knife, named for its shape, is made of carbon steel, cut and sharpened to traditional standards. This chef’s knife was traditionally used for cutting pork in the markets; it even cuts through bone. It’s a dream for cutting through any meat or bone, as well as hard-skinned fruit, like watermelon and coconut. The hefty knife comes in it’s own wooden box, for excellent presentation.

$70 at Verve Culture


For Your Dad (and you): Christmas Morning Breakfast

Gifts for Guys

Make Christmas morning breakfast that much easier for the cooks with freshly bake croissants and bagels, plus luscious lox and schmear, from sea food specialists SeaBear. This special holiday collection features:

  • A full 1lb of SeaBear’s Gerard & Dominique brand signature lox – thinly sliced and silky smooth
  • Smoked Salmon Schmear/Mousse — 6 oz
  • ½ dozen bake-at-home jumbo croissants
  • ½ dozen bake-at-home plain bagels
  • Everything Seasoning, to add to your bagels if you like

It easily serves 8-10, and comes with directions for prep.

$100 at Seabear Smokehouse


For Your Bestie: Quinn Movie Night Popcorn Kit

Gifts for Guys

Doesn’t everyone have a best guy friend who loves movies? This kit is streamer Nirvana. Quinn’s Movie Night Variety Popcorn Kit contains nine ready-to-pop bags of non-GMO organic kernels, packets of oil and seasoning packets in three delicious flavors: Real Butter & Sea Salt, Aged Parmesan & Rosemary, and White Cheddar & Sea Salt. What’s more, Quinn’s microwave popcorn comes in a patented bag made of compostable paper free of all chemicals, and they use only real ingredients, never any artificial flavorings. The kit also comes with a variety of fun activities and games like Movie Night Bingo, Trivia and Word Searches.

$26.99 at Quinn Snacks


For Your Bro: The Ultimate Crypto Explainer

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Bros love to feel like they understand everything, but this new crypto stuff… it’s hard to wrap your head around. We didn’t get it either, until we read crypto guru Jake Ryan’s Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy: The Complete Handbook to Building Wealth in the Next Digital Revolution. We know the title is a tough one, but believe us, once he reads it, he’ll finally be clued in with insider information on what’s behind it all. And he will act even more superior, so we suggest you read it as well.

$32.06 on Amazon


For Your In-laws: Tre Olive Gift Boxes

Gifts for Guys

Far more elegant than candy or crackers and cheese, Tre Olive gift boxes contain combos of family produced extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olives and spreads. Even if your in-laws are not great cooks or foodies, who doesn’t love pouring a little fine olive oil and balsamic in a dish and mopping it up with some crusty bread? These are among the most elegant gift boxes around. You can even buy extra virgin olive oil soaps or adopt an olive tree in Calabria, if you need a few extra stocking stuffers.

Gift boxes from $24.99 to $89.99 at Tre Olive

Whether it’s for your bestie, your bro or your S.O., these 5 great gifts for guys are just what Santa ordered.