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5 Steps to Groom Your Dog at Home – How to Freshen Up Your Favorite Four-Legged Fur-ball

Fido sure can get dirty faster than it takes to bury a bone. Here are 5 steps to groom your dog at home for a clean canine in no time.

5 ways to clean your canine
Photo: Heiko Giesberg

Do you know how to groom your dog at home? Let’s be honest with each other, shall we? Most of us know how to clean our face, clean our closet or heck, even clean our fridge, but we don’t know how to clean a canine in our own casa.

And since we’re being upfront and all, can we admit that it’s so much more fun to get your dogs dirty than it is to clean them up? When it comes to our favorite furry four-legged fido, well let’s just say bath time with our BFF isn’t our top paw-ority.

5 steps to groom your dog at home
Photo: Autri Taheri

The truth is that our dog has a ‘ruff’ life. Since these furry creatures are of service to you 24/7, they deserve a spa day. Who better to give it to them than you… in the comfort of your own home? Certainly we can make time to dip the dog in the family tub and make them as happy as Cesar Milan suggests. Not only do you get quality time with your dog, you also save some serious bones by not hiring a groomer.

You’ll also get some seriously cute and viral social media footage while you’re in the process of bathing your dog at home. Do you have any idea how cute Petit Minou puppies look in a doggy bubblebath?

Our friends at Showers To You went digging for tips on how to groom your dog at home. They barked up every tree in their search for Top Dog tips on the subject. They sniffed out advice from dog parents and dog experts all over the land. Then they curled up and curated a list of  ideas that are so helpful, your dog will want to give YOU the blue ribbon. Take a look:

Five Steps to Groom Your Dog at Home

5 steps to groom your dog at home
Photo: Natalie Parham

1. Clip your dog’s nails before bath time

Who among us wants to go into any spa treatment with uneven, dirty nails – that’s just poopey.

Many dog owners forget that before bathing, it is important to check if nails need to be clipped. Long nails make it harder for dogs to have a good grip in the bath, and they can fall over—especially the smaller breeds.

5 steps to groom your dog at home
Photo: Ayla Verschueren

2. Brush your dog’s fur before and after bathing

It’s important to brush your dog’s hair before and after bathing. All dog breeds shed at least a little hair or fur, and it’s best to get rid of any excess dead hair before shampooing.

Brushing your pet’s hair will also get rid of any matting and tangles before washing, making it a much easier and a more pleasant experience for you, your dog and your tub drain!

5 Ways to groom your dog at home
Photo: Anthony Duran

3. Wash your dog in lukewarm water – no more than 98.6°F

Always check the water temperature before wetting your dog. What feels warm enough on our skin tends to be over 98.6°F, and this is in fact too warm for your dog’s skin. Water temperature over 98.6°F can increase your pet’s heart rate too much, causing a strain, especially for puppies and older dogs.

5 steps to groom your dog at home
Photo: Benjamin Lehman

4. Avoid getting water in the nose

It is important to tenderly wet your dog’s face, but avoid getting water near the nose. The best way to do this is by tilting the head up, and closely monitoring the nose. If too much water enters, they are at risk of choking.

5 steps to groom your dog at home
Photo: Jamie Street

5. Scrub the hair in the direction you want the hair to grow

It is important to scrub your dog’s hair in the direction that you would like it to grow in. This simple step will help to avoid ingrown hairs, which could lead to bumps in the skin.

Your canine companion deserves a polished look. Check out these 5 steps to groom your dog at home.