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5 Fab and Mutually Enjoyable Valentines Gifts for Guys

You know he’s going to get you something HE wants you to have, why not get him something you like too? Check out our no fail list of Valentines Gifts for Guys.

Valentines Gifts for Guys

So many men say they don’t want or need anything when gift-giving time rolls around, but we know they’d be pouting if we actually paid attention to those selfless declarations.

In addition, most guys are just plain hard to buy for. Ties, socks and cologne are the standard go-to gifts, but so unimaginative. You can do better than that!

We suggest that you think like a man when it comes to what you’ll get him this Valentine’s Day. What will he give you? Here’s a hint: It will probably be something he wants you to have—something he can enjoy with you or on you. Chocolate lingerie checks all those boxes, if only it wouldn’t make such a mess.

So we decided to put together of list of Valentines gifts for guys that he, and you, will absolutely adore, preferably together.

5 Varied Valentines Gifts for Guys

Beer Home Brewing Kit

Valentines Gifts for GuysThis is the perfect gift for your hands-on guy—it’s a homebrew beer kit so he can make his own crafted Belgium beer—and share it with you! Brewferm makes crafting his drafts easy with kits that take the guesswork out and leave the flavor in. Each set comes with all the equipment he’ll need to clean, ferment, and cap the pints. All the ingredients are carefully premeasured and ready to brew. Just add sugar and water, then follow the instructions (okay, that last part might be difficult for some guys…).

Amazon: $99

Limited Edition Artwork Inspired by Jaws

Valentines Gifts for Guys
Surprise him by not insisting on watching a rom com on Valentine’s Day — why not indulge him with his favorite classic thriller, and some art to match? We love the tie-in to this great gift idea for your cinephile guy: “A Bigger Boat” hand-painted art by renowned artist Aaron Kai. It’s a signed, limited-edition print made from his 25 x 26 full-color acrylic painting, created in the old-school grindhouse movie poster style. If Jaws isn’t his thing, check out Aaron’s other artwork and artwear. This will definitely be a gift like no other.

AaronKaiArt: $100

Fresh Oyster Cult Gift Set

Valentines Gifts for Guys

Check out this scrumptious Valentine’s Day Gift Set from Real Oyster Cult. They’re a family-run oyster farm in Duxbury, MA., and quality is their priority. Enjoy a romantic evening of smooching and shucking with this set, which starts at 40 oysters and includes gloves, a knife, cult classic mignon-nips, a handwritten Real Oyster Cult notecard, and the option to add more oysters and caviar. Don’t suppose we have to tell you that oysters are an aphrodisiac? (wink wink) $123

Farm-Raised Ossetra Caviar Malossol & Truffles

Valentines Gifts for Guys

D’Artagnan produces a top-shelf, truly sustainable caviar that’s harvested from Siberian sturgeon on a state-of-the-art aquafarm in France and shipped quick and cold, with the assurance that the ingredients go “from fish to tin in 90 minutes.” What’s more, you and your sweetie will dine guilt-free because D’Artagnan follows the strictest of animal welfare and environmental protocols. These plump pearls are said to be buttery, with a nutty flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts. We suggest you find out for yourself… nom-nom! $125

Car Air Freshener Subscription

Valentines Gifts for Guys

This one is more for you than for him, because if he minded driving around in a car that smells like greasy fast food and dirty gym socks, he would have done something about it already. Still, this is a unique, useful gift that keeps on giving—it’s a scent-of-the-month club for car air fresheners. Drift’s modern alternative to the old pine-tree dangling from the rearview mirror is a visor-clip that looks good and smells good. Drift Car Air Fresheners are made in the USA with natural, clean ingredients and without any of the toxic chemicals that traditional air fresheners use. Scent profiles include “fresh birchwood with warm vanilla,” “musk, amber, pepper, cedar,” and “balsam pine with juniper berry.” PS: It’s also suitable for Dad. $8 per month

You know he’s going to get you something HE wants you to have, why not get him something you like too? Check out our no fail list of Valentines Gifts for Guys.