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5 Things You Should Not Do on Your Honeymoon 

No matter how old you are or how many times you’ve been married, there are certain things you should not do on your honeymoon to get the best start possible. Check them out:

Things You Should not Do On Your Honeymoon

Everyone talks about all the things you should do, but hardly anyone gives substantial advice on things you should not do on your honeymoon. Since you simply cannot recapture the same magic that happens on the very first vacation you take as newlyweds, you want to make sure you get it right.

Ideally, you get to fully let loose and enjoy the short time you have together as honeymooners, indulging in unique luxurious and living out fantasies that you’ve always desired.

But if you have a bad honeymoon, it could start your marriage off on the wrong foot. Avoid ruining your vacation with these five things you shouldn’t do on your honeymoon, and keep the good vibes going wherever you and your honey decide to spend some one-on-one time together.

5 Things You Should Not Do on Your Honeymoon

Keep It Cool

A little bit of conflict is normal in any healthy relationship—but your honeymoon is not the place for major fighting. Tensions are sometimes high while you’re both out of your comfort zone away from home, but that’s no reason to start petty disagreements that could blow up into something major. Cool your temper when something goes wrong, and do your best to work past it!

Don’t Go Overboard With Drinks

Things you should not do on your honeymoonYou want to remember your honeymoon, right? Don’t drink so much that your only memories of the week are a bar’s bathroom stall. It’s OK to get a little bit tipsy but save yourself from making embarrassing choices by controlling your alcohol intake, and get your partner to agree to do the same.

Don’t Bring Your Ring to the Beach

It isn’t just paranoia when people tell you not to wear jewelry at the beach—there are more reasons not to than there are benefits, even if your bling complements your swimwear. Yes, this includes your wedding ring. Don’t become one of the tragic stories of newlyweds who lost their rings immediately after getting married—keep it safe while you have fun in the coastal sun.

Don’t Spend the Whole Time in Your Room

Things You Shouldn't Do On Your HoneymoonWhile your honeymoon is a time to celebrate the beginning of you and your partner’s lifelong commitment to each other, there are other things to do than coop yourselves up in your room or condo. After all, the honeymoon is a vacation; don’t spend your entire trip inside without checking out the area around you and taking in the sights. Spend time with each other, meet some new friends, or broaden your horizons with adventurous activities to make the most of your vacation.

Don’t Forget To Leave Room in the Itinerary for Fun

Some people go into their honeymoon with no plan at all, while others schedule every minute of each day and create a busy, stressful itinerary. It’s OK—and even recommended—to go into your honeymoon with a plan, but the plan could become burdensome when there’s no breathing room for relaxation. A strict schedule only leads to frustrating feelings and snappy moods.

No matter how old you are or how many times you’ve been married, there are certain things you should not do on your honeymoon to get the best start possible.