Celebrities and Experts Share Their 5 Favorite Things


Celebrities and Experts Share Their 5 Favorite Things


SkinnyMe chocolate

5 Delicious Reasons to Devour SkinnyMe Chocolate

For as long as there have been size zero models taunting us from magazines and billboards, there have been low-calorie and low-sugar options for sweets. Remember substituting carob for chocolate? Yuck. Or the bad-for-you laboratory-made additives Benzocaine and Olestra? Double More

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Mmmmm, sugar. So satisfying, so decadent, so addictive! When you’re perusing the best online food blogs, remember to stop by Really Rather’s website for women for food and drink articles about candy, sweet treats, sugar substitutes, maple syrup, chocolate, jelly beans, and oranges (haha, they count as sweet too). We consider ourselves a full-service women’s lifestyle website for food and drink, so remember you can find articles here about health, nutrition, food allergies — and yummy desserts.

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