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Great Gray Hair Styles — Go From Drab to Fab With These 5 Tips From Color Expert Jill Kirsh

Great gray hair styles extend beyond your lovely locks and into your wardrobe and makeup. Color expert Jill Kirsh shows you how to coordinate everything.

Great Gray hair styles Jill Kirsh

So you’ve finally decided to go gray. We salute you!

But have you noticed that since you stopped coloring your hair (or started dying it silver), your clothes and makeup look different on you? Is something, perhaps, just a little bit off?

That may be because the colors that looked great on you when you were a brunette or blonde are no longer working for you.

Hollywood color expert Jill Kirsh, aka the “Guru of Hue,” explains why; “Your hair frames your face – your eyes, your smile. Your hair color dictates what shades look best on you. Once you make the commitment to go silver or salt and pepper, you need to figure out the best shades of color for your wardrobe, as well as your makeup for your eyes, cheeks and lips. That way great gray hair styles are completely coordinated.”

Named Best Color Consultant in the ‘Best of LA’ issue of Los Angeles magazine, Jill is frequently called upon by Red Carpet celebs, Grammy winning musicians and titans of business for color coaching.

She’s come up with an entire color system that focuses on hair shades, and right now, for Really Rather readers, she’s focusing on gray, silver and salt and pepper, as she did in the award-winning documentary Gray is the New Blonde. Take a look at her advice for going from drab to fab with your gorgeous gray locked look:

5 Tips for Great Gray Hair Styles from Color Expert Jill Kirsh


1. Great Gray hair styles Jill KirshDitch the pale peach. Trade it for fuchsia, which has a blue undertone, and makes it a cooler shade, in harmony with the coolness of your silver or salt and pepper hair. The warmth of pale peach makes this hair color look dull and flat.




2. Recycle the gold earrings and opt for a pair of silver stunners. Silver, platinum and white gold are totally in sync with these hair colors and will look beautiful against your face. But the warmth of yellow gold jewelry distracts from your features and make the metal look brassy and cheap.


3. Donate great gray hair stylesthe olive hoodie and shop for one in cobalt or royal purple. The warmth of olive green (which is fabulous on a redhead or against golden brown hair) will completely dull out your silver and salt and pepper hair. It actually makes the face and hair appear a bit yellow and very flat. However,  the vibrancy and coolness of cobalt and royal purple is the perfect balance against this cool and striking hair color and will definitely make your eyes and smile pop!


4. Invest in a few crisp white shirts and lose the soft ivory sweaters. Pure white is wonderful with this hair color because it’s crisp, stark and vibrant and is in total harmony with this coolness and dramatic nature of silver and salt and pepper. The warmth of ivory is perfect if your hair is a warm golden blonde, but will look tired and flat against your current color.


5. Great Gray hair styles Jill KirshGo for a true red or deep rose lip and toss the bronze one. The warm bronze lip was perfection with the reddish brown hair you had for oh so long, but silver and salt and pepper hair is an absolute game changer, and you most definitely want a vibrant lip shade with a blue undertones (think pink or a blueish red).


Great gray hair styles extend beyond your lovely locks and into your wardrobe and makeup. Color expert Jill Kirsh shows you how to coordinate everything.