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Starting a Workout Routine? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start

Congrats on starting a workout routine! You’ll get the best from it (and have more fun) if you follow these 5 guidelines.

Starting a Workout Routine
Photo: Jonathan Borba

It’s great that you’ve made the first move toward moving more! Just seriously committing to starting a workout routine is half the work. Now it’s time for the physical part, and in no time you’ll be enjoying the benefits. We promise!

However, before you start on your new exercise regime, there are some important issues to consider so that your workouts go well and become a regular, enjoyable occurrence in your life. Follow these tips, and you’ll actually look forward to working out—really.

5 things you need to know about starting a workout routine

Starting a Workout Routine
Photo: Ave Calver

1. Invest in breathable clothing

It’s consummately important to have the right, comfortable, breathable clothing. Even if you are working out at home and nobody is going to see you, you should still pay attention to what you’re wearing.

The best sports clothing is made of breathable fabric, which means that your skin will be able to breathe and will not get clogged up with sweat. But make sure your clothing also provides the right amount of support, allow you to move easily and without strain or friction.

2. Wear the right shoes for working out

Regardless of what exercises you’re doing, you will need to invest in the right shoes for working out.

This is because sports footwear will support your feet and provide cushioning, which in turn helps to protect your joints, minimizing pain in your ankles, knees and hips. The harsh impact from running, walking, jumping, or generally moving around can really do a number on your joints.

3. Use the right workout equipment

You should ensure that you have the right workout equipment you need in order to perform your exercises. For example, the correct bands for Pilates and appropriately sized dumbbells or kettlebells for weight training will make sure that you get the right intensity out of your workouts.

However, when lifting weights, you should also listen to your body and not lift weights that are too heavy at the start. Instead, begin with a lighter weight and work your way up; otherwise, you could risk hurting yourself.

4. Plan your exercise regime

Plan your exercise regime so that you know exactly what you’re going to do. If you’re going to be working with an exercise video, watch it before you start so that you can gauge what you can join in with and what you can’t.

That way if there are times when you may be idle during the workout, you can choose to perform different exercises or just walk on the spot until the point that you’re able to join in once more.

5. Perform your exercises correctly

You should ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly. Twisting, for instance, in an incorrect manner can cause all kinds of muscle, joint, and spinal damage—especially if using weights at the same time.

Although there are clinics such as the ones you’ll find at that provide treatments for various sports and other injuries by offering stem cell therapies, it is far better to study your fitness instructor’s form and master your moves correctly when you first commence starting a workout routine.

Final thoughts

It is great that you have decided to start a work out routine, taking better control of your body.

But, however, before you get too overexcited, you should consider the very important points mentioned above.

The right clothing and footwear, for example are important regardless of whether you’re going to be seen in public or just by your dog or cat.

Weights and bands should be right for you in order to offer you the resistance training that you want without injuring yourself, and you should certainly take the time to perfect your moves and watch and learn your exercises before jumping in.

These points should help you guard against accidents, strains, or more serious acts of harm that could cause permanent injuries. Good luck!

Congrats on starting a workout routine! You’ll get the best from it (and have more fun) if you follow these 5 guidelines.