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See 5 Things You’ll Adore About CRUELLA, Dahling

Disney’s new origin story of legendary villainess Cruella de Vil has fiendish fashion and fabulous fun. It’s just what we need right now.

Cruella de Vil

You could stay home and pay the $29.99 Premiere Access fee to watch Cruella on Disney+, but the madness, the wildness the decadence and the spectacle of this Disney villainess origin story make it so worth a splurge at the cineplex. It’s one you really want to catch in all its fabulous glory, on a great big screen with the best possible sound system.

The nasty little truth about Cruella is that it’s good, clean, wholesome, fashionable fun, even if there is a certain punk edge to it. About as randy as it gets is when Cruella drops an F-bomb (‘fart’ or should we say ‘faaaht’), in a very regal British accent.

Deliciously wicked craziness reigns through most of the film, and it’s just so freeing to be able to giggle or even guffaw in public again!

With gleeful elan, Cruella realizes its full potential in a 70’s set film about dueling fashion designers, family upheaval, crime, loyalty, ego and dogs. Rest assured that no Dalmatians, nor any facsimiles thereof, were harmed to make this movie.

Some folks are already crying for a sequel— there’s such a wealth of plot points to explore, and we learn that Cruella is quite the multidimensional character. But in the meantime, you’ll love what they’ve done with the pace.

Cruella de Vil

5 Things You’ll Adore About Cruella

The backstory: The black and white hair, the passion for fashion, her issues with Dalmatians and her twisted family tree are all examined, explained and even celebrated. We watch with fascination as her dark side (Cruella) and light side (Estella) struggle for dominance. You can guess which one emerges victorious.

The Emmas: Emma Stone and Emma Thompson duke it out in oversize rolls they were born to play, and they’re clearly having the time of their lives, as do we as we when we watch the brazen new upstart try to bring the esteemed veteran designer to her knees. Spoiler alert: they both fight dirty…very dirty.

The Fashion: The trash truck frock alone is worth the price of admission. Glory in the glamor of the gowns at the galas, the perhaps too numerous galas, and start making plans now for your next Halloween costume. But please don’t try that highly flammable number at home.

The Music: The movie takes place in London during the 70’s, and a groovier soundtrack was never assembled, coming from the likes of the Zombies, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, ELO, Blondie, The Clash, the Doors, the BeeGees and Nancy Sinatra, to name just a few of the 48 tracks. Then to top it all off, Florence and the Machine wrote the haunting theme song, “Call Me Cruella.” Find an abbreviated version here.

The accents: Super fun to hear an American actor (Stone) playing a Brit for a change. And she has to alter that accent right in the middle of the movie! Well done! Okay, so Paul Walter Hauser’s Cockney wasn’t quite so successful. We dare you not to saunter out of the “theatah” calling everyone “Daaahling.” Don’t worry, it will eventually wear off, but why not go with it while you can?

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Disney’s new origin story of legendary villainess Cruella de Vil has fiendish fashion and fabulous fun. It’s just what we need right now.