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Wrapping Up the 5 Best Housewarming Gifts and the 5 Worst

Take the guesswork out of giving the best housewarming gifts and never be caught giving the worst housewarming gifts. You’ll always get a second invite if you bring these top goodies

Best Housewarming Gifts
Photo: Zachary Kadolph

Moving sucks, but a great hello present from this best housewarming gifts list can go a long to ease the pain. Feel free to judge us, but we correlate the next gift we give you directly to the housewarming gift you last gave us.

Sure we can all pretend that it’s the thought that counts, but when your thoughts render something that’s more likely to belong in a circus tent than in our new home’s, well, you get the point.

Surely you remember the plastic punchbowl that Friends Chandler and Monica received after they were wed right? Well, so do we, and we didn’t like it for a fictional tv couple let alone for our own kitchens.

So, rather than complain about our mound of bad housewarming gifts, we thought it better to focus our energy on helping the matter—assisting you in your selection from right to wrong. For the latest word on what’s hot and what’s not, we turned to our friends VonHaus, who have done extensive research.

They took the time to folks what they think are the best housewarming gifts, and which are the worst. Check them out:

5 Best Housewarming Gifts

1. Money

Best Housewarming gifts
Photo: Jin Yun

It may sound crass an impersonal, but for many, there is nothing better than cold hard cash. The largest percentage of people polled, a full 28%, said that money was their number one choice. If you’re hesitant to write a check or make a Venmo deposit, consider the fact that every new space will need at least some new things, and cash is a great way for the lady of the home to get her perfectly pigmented pillow for her carefully curated comforter set. Do you want to go all over town in search of that? We didn’t think so.

2. Gift Cards

Best Housewarming Gifts
Photo: Ekaterina-Shevchenko

We LOVE gift cards because they’re lightly more personal than cash but just as flexible for the new homeowner. A gift card says, “we support your love of the homewares section at this chain store.” It says, “we don’t judge you for wanting another elephant for your mantle.”

We aren’t the only ones who think this way; 27% of those asked preferred a gift card.

3. Plants

Best Housewarming Gifts
Photo: Prudence Earl

Before you roll your eyes at the gift of a plant, consider this: Plants can be as high or low maintenance as the recipient. Not only do plants bring the outside in, but they literally add oxygen to your home.

And since when can’t a home use more breathable air? Especially after a visit from the mother-in-law who thinks she can cook but can’t, or the stealth smoking neighbor. Plants are really a perfect gift when you think about it. We and 24% of those polled thought so too.

4. Tool kit

Best Housewarming Gifts
Photo: Louis Hansel

Let’s face it, every home needs a tool kit. Yet it’s one of the things few people purchase for themselves. Why put your friend through the headache of having to put on lipstick to head down to the hardware store because she needs a flathead screwdriver as opposed to a Philips?

Be a great gift giver and seriously consider a DIY tool kit. If not an entire kit, at least a hammer and level to start.

5. Cookware

Best Housewarming Gifts
Photo: Cooker King

Your newly situated friends or loved ones will appreciate either a good set of cookware or a great single piece. Truthfully, it may be a long time before they can afford to eat out on the regular, and this is a great way to support their new budgetary restrictions.

It also sets the expectation for a home cooked meal in the future. It’s a win-win!

Just in case you need even more ideas, rounding out the top ten are: Alcohol (16%), Scented candles (16%), Basket of tea and coffee (13%), Food (12%), Glassware (11%)

5 Worst Housewarming Gifts

1. Toilet Paper

Almost a third of the people surveyed (28% to be exact) said toilet paper is the worst of the worst. See, when they said they wanted paper, what they meant was money, not paper you are literally going to throw away.

2. Exercise Gear

This may seem like a good idea but it’s not. Twenty-seven percent of folks are not into you telling them how they should exercise. If you want to be supportive of their new healthy lifestyle get ’em a gift card to a sports warehouse (see #2 on the best list above).

3. Air Fresheners

Look, nothing is worse than telling your new home-owning friend that their house stinks. Not only is it rude, but it’s presumptuous to think that they will agree with what YOU think their house should smell like. Just don’t do it.

4. Pets

Don’t be that friend who not only adds another expense to a new home but is selfish enough to think you know what pet is best for them. We agree pets are an absolute great idea for any home. But you might as well drop off a new foster child while you’re at it. Consider the added time, cost and possible allergies you’d inflict, and stay away from this option at all costs.

5. Prints with Quotes on Them

No one needs a “Love, Laugh, Live” print adorning their new home. If you feel your friend needs to love, laugh and live more, get them tickets to a comedy show put on by a comedian they love. That right there knocks off all three.

Take the guesswork out of giving the best housewarming gifts and never be caught giving the worst housewarming gifts. You’ll always get a second invite if you bring these top goodies.