5 Best States for Summer Road Trips — and 5 Not-So-Great States to Visit on Vacation

We found the best states for summer road trips, and also the ones you may want to avoid. Are you ready to venture out?

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Who’s ready for a vaycay? We are! We’ve had enough of the obligatory staycation, right? But flying and cruises are still a little iffy. That’s why 59% of U.S. families are saying that they’re more likely to drive on their next trip. But which are the best states for summer road trips?

New York and Texas lead the pack this year, with Rhode Island and Delaware scraping the bottom of the barrel. Regardless of where, we are definitely ready to get out there and enjoy the summer, perhaps more than ever before. 57% of Americans say they have gone a year or longer without a vacation!

WalletHub compared the 50 U.S. states based on 33 key metrics to find the most fun, scenic, and budget-friendly road-trip destinations — plus those that’ll have travelers pulling a quick U-turn. Their data set ranges from the number of attractions to road conditions to costs — check them out:

5 Best States for Summer Road Trips

Source: WalletHub

Worst States to Road-Trip

Best States to Fill’Er Up

Deciding to take a trip is the easy part. Picking a destination and affording everything you want to pack into your itinerary is harder. Gas prices might be one thing to worry about, for example. They’ve been growing this year, with the national average at over $3 per gallon now.

Hotel or Camping?

On top of gas prices, you’ll need to consider accommodations, activities and dining. All these certainly contribute to the more than $792 billion we spend on leisure travel each year.

Best States to Site-See

If you’re going to be driving across the country, you might as well enjoy the scenery!

Expert Advice

Gail C. Lamberta, Ph.D. – Associate Dean, St. Joseph’s College, recommends planning ahead. “Planning ahead is important for several reasons, but certainly, one reason is that it will enable people to work within their personal budget. There are many options, such as staying in a hotel, motel, resort, Bed & Breakfast, camping, and glamping to name a few. All have different price points, amenities, and many have packages that include meals and discounts to local attractions. Researching the desired destination can save a traveler money and enhance their experience.”

Joseph E. Dworak, Founding and Adjunct Faculty, Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management – San Jose State University says Google is great, but not foolproof. “Get a map especially if you are headed to a location, you have not been to before. Despite the hype, cellular coverage does not really cover the United States. Getting lost because your map is a small screen on a cellular device with no service access can waste not only time but money. Go to AAA’s website. You can print for free any map you need.”


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We found the best states for summer road trips, and also the ones you may want to avoid. Are you ready to venture out?