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5 Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Musts — You’ll Get Cravings to Lounge in Style

These 5 essentials from the Chrissy Teigen fashion line called Cravings, are soft, stylish must-haves for all that you do indoors.

Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Musts

The Chrissy Teigen fashion line proves that this model, mom, fashionista and lifestyle guru is a woman after our own hearts!

“I spend the majority of my life in the kitchen—usually in a robe,” she says, “and the only thing I love more than cooking, eating, and being horizontal on the couch is watching other people get inspired and find joy through food.”

What’s more, “I love, love, love to problem-solve and create things (whether recipes or products) that make life easier, tastier, cozier, and a little more chill. From recipes I dream up in the middle of the night to robe prints inspired by a bouquet of flowers, Chrissy Teigen Cravings is the place where my wildest dreams can come true.”

Chrissy is not kidding—the Chrissy Teigen fashion line website, Cravings by Chrissie Teigen, has everything from spatulas to sarongs. Right now, we want to focus on fashion. If you’re going to make a midnight snack in your robe or PJs, you might as well look mahvelous while you’re at it, right?

5 Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Essentials — Lounge in Style with These Beauties

1. Dolcezza Wrap Robe in Crema

Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Musts

Our very own fashion-forward Staci Layne Wilson (pictured) tried out the Dolcezza robe and she says it’s soft and lightweight, and while she wouldn’t dare try cooking in it (it’s way too pretty to risk staining) it does have the perfect draped silhouette for lounging.

Don’t worry about losing the sash… it doesn’t have one! This one-and-done wrap-style garment is perfect for poolside swanning, afternoon naps, or Netflix-and-chilling. This vibrant, vintage-inspired print is one-of-a-kind and unique to ‘Cravings,’ boldly boasting an abstract floral that is a little retro, very chic, and inspired by Italian vacanza (vacation) style. Made of rayon twill and of course it has pockets. Ciao, bella!


2. Dolcezza Slipper in Crema

Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Musts

Soft, padded slides that cushion your every step (from the kitchen to the couch or anywhere else). Style these slippers with the matching Dolcezza robe for the ultimate at-home lounge set.

This offering from the Chrissy Teigen fashion line is made with rayon twill in a vintage-inspired print, the cool, comfy footbed features a reinforced sole sturdy enough to wear by the pool or patio. Paired with PJs or a swimsuit, these slippers bring Italian resort vibes to your own bedroom or backyard. Step out in style!


3. Buon Viaggio Sarong

Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Musts

The bold and romantic floral prints in Chrissy’s sarong line are ideal for lazing in hotel rooms and on pool decks, or even for an easy outfit for a comfy dinner—and these are no ordinary dresses. Tie this light, semi-sheer summer essential at the waist, wear it as a halter dress or flowy top, wrap it up as a scarf—it even doubles as a beach blanket or tablecloth in a pinch.

This bright, bespoke print captures the vibrant romance of Italy, where John Legend proposed to Chrissy. A closer peek reveals a few of her favorite Italian icons: the Venice canals, the Colosseum, and of course, the pasta. This sarong is just so right!


4. Lookin’ Like a Snack Headband in ‘Junk Food’ Print

Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Musts

Soft, stretchy, and just wide enough, this headband will keep your locks out of your lox, ice cream, or ramen… or your facial. Done in Chrissy’s favorite junk food print with piped trim and a cute twist detail on top, it’s the outfit-finisher your late-night snack look needs. Yummy!


5. Lookin’ Like a Snack PJs in ‘Donut Dreams’ Print

Chrissy Teigen Fashion Line Musts

This two-piece sleep set really lets your wear your heart (okay, donut… who doesn’t ‘heart’ donuts, though?) on your sleeve and your shorts! With a pocket for stashing candy, your phone, or the remote, the button-up collared shirt has an oversized, relaxed fit, plus an all-over pattern and piped trim to match the shorts. Donut worry, be happy!


So there you have it—our 5 Chrissy Teigen Cravings must-haves. There’s much more to explore on the site, which you can do here.

These 5 essentials from the Chrissy Teigen fashion line called Cravings, are soft, stylish must-haves for all that you do indoors.