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Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Celebrities — Cheer These Eco-Friendly A-Listers

Sustainable fashion celebrities are more relevant than ever. See the top five who are helping to grow the eco-friendly movement.

Top Sustainable Fashion Celebrities
Photo: Pure Thread

Who are the top sustainable fashion celebrities? There are plenty who look great, but do they think about where those great gowns came from or how they were made?

Some celebs are more apt to wear eco-friendly garb than others. Kate Hudson, Niki Hilton and Rosario Dawson, for example, are just a few of the stars that shine bright when it comes to showing their support of sustainable fashion.

And, news flash: it’s not just the ladies either. Sustainable fashion is for women and men.

Before we go layering on the admiration for these A-listers, let’s first define what sustainable fashion brand is. Put simply, it is a brand with styles created in consideration of both humanity and the environment. In other words, it’s making clothes or items that do not leave a negative footprint on Mother Earth or her inhabitants.

While most of us love a good secondhand clothing store, there is something special about a brand that takes great care to give some love to our planet. Our pals at Betway took the time to study sustainable fashion, and which celebrities really care about it. They came up with a list of celebs who should get A-list status for their fashion forward support of the environment.

With that in mind, lets take a look at the top 5 sustainable fashion celebrities who would Really Rather come up with clothing, shoes and accessories that are eco-friendly and super stylish.

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Celebrities

1. Emma Watson

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Celebrities
Photo: HBOMax

Are we even surprised that the wonderful Emma Watson has done a lot for the green fashion industry?

Fans may remember the iconic dress the Harry Potter star wore at the Met Gala back in 2016, which was a custom-made sustainable number designed by Calvin Klein and Eco-Age.

Watson has also partnered with eco-fashion labels Pure Thread and People Tree, and come up with innovative campaigns such as the #30wears challenge. In this, she encouraged fans to reduce waste by extending the life of their clothes.


2. Kate Hudson

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Celebrities
Photo: Kate Hudson IG

In addition to being a fabulous actress, Kate Hudson is also a boss businesswoman who champions sustainable fashion.

In 2013, she launched a fashion-conscious activewear brand called Fabletics and the label is still going strong to this day. All of Fabletics’ current physical stores are climate-neutral and the packaging of products is 100% biodegradable.


3. Olivia Wilde

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Celebrities
Photo: Olivia Wilde IG

Actress/director Olivia Wilde is certainly one of the celebrities who have done so much for the sustainable fashion industry, actress  them.

From being the face of H&M’s ethical collection to launching her own second-hand clothing line called ThredUP, the star is the certified queen of green fashion.

What’s more, she is also the co-founder of Conscious Commerce, which is a creative incubator which supports sustainably created and ethically sourced products.


4. Rosario Dawson

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Celebrities
Photo: Rosario Dawson IG

You’d be wrong to think that the stunning Rosaria Dawson is just a full-time actress.

Back in 2013, she launched a social enterprise to promote African-inspired fashion. Now known as Studio One Eighty Nine, this enterprise makes use of sustainable plant-based dyeing techniques, and also champions the empowerment of female artisans in Africa.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Celebritiest
Photo: Netflix

Leonardo DiCaprio’s passion for the planet doesn’t stop with his role in the hit Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, but he is actually an avid promoter of sustainable fashion. So much so that not only has he been known to drive a Prius, he arrived in an eco-friendly Polestar for his latest film premiere.

Back in 2018, he proudly invested in sustainable footwear brand Allbirds and gave the brand fantastic public exposure.

He also partnered with English primatologist Dr Jane Goodall to launch a vegan clothing line. The partnership, known as Don’t Let Them Disappear, aims to save the primates of the world and features a collection of organic T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Sustainable fashion celebrities are more relevant than ever. See the top five who are helping to grow the eco-friendly movement.