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Are You Being Rude? Probably — If You’re Making One of These 5 Most Annoying Noises

The list of every day sounds that top the 5 most annoying noises list surprise you…or not.

5 most annoying sounds
Photo by Toni Koraza

Smack, slurp, crunch, chomp, gnash…Doesn’t it drive you nuts when someone is chewing with their mouth open, or just making loud eating noises in general?

If it does, you’re not alone. A recent study revealed that loud eating has been scientifically proven to be the most irritating noise humans endure on a regular basis. It leads this new list of Top 5 Most Annoying Noises., a site that recommends ways to live a quieter and more peaceful life, used heart rate increases (bpm — beats per minute) to find out which sounds frustrate people the most. They measured 200 participants’ heart rate and blood pressure levels before and after listening to well-known annoying noises.

“We decided to run this study as we regularly receive various queries about different noises people want to block out,” said David Williams of Sound Proof Pros. “We thought it would be interesting to really find out the most infuriating noises, once and for all.”

They discovered that on average, people’s heart rate increases to 135 bpm — an increase of 68% compared to a mid-range average resting heart rate – when listening to people chewing loudly.

What other common sounds made the list? Check out these:

5 Most Annoying Noises That You Hear Every Day

  1. Loud eating: 135bpm & 136/94
  2. Cutlery scraping on plates: 130 bpm & 130/88
  3. Cracking knuckles: 120 bpm & 132/89
  4. Clearing the throat: 109 bpm & 129/84
  5. Dogs barking: 102 bpm & 127/84

The top ten also includes babies crying, burping and people kissing. Babies crying increased the heart rate by the least with an increase to just 94 bpm and a heart rate increase of 122/82.

“It’s not surprising that noisy eating is at the top of the list,” Williams says.  “I don’t know anyone who enjoys that sound! However, it is rather interesting that babies crying is at the bottom of the list, as it’s a common complaint of ours, usually from neighbours. Good news for any new parents out there!”

5 most annoying sounds
Photo by Lisa K Victor

The list of every day sounds that top the 5 most annoying noises list surprise you…or not.