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5 Favorite Keto Diet YouTube Channels That Will Rock Your Culinary World

Just beginning Keto or struggling to stick with it? Here are 5 Keto Diet YouTube Channels that will keep you on the tasty track.

Keto Diet YouTube Channels

There are a lot of diet fads out there, but one that seems to be sticking around is the Keto diet. It seems it’s not just a diet, though, it’s a lifestyle. In an effort to help you dive right in and stay there longer, we’ve found some great Keto Diet YouTube channels that not only help you figure out the basics, but give you delicious inspiration to keep on going.

5 Favorite Keto Diet YouTube Channels



When searching for videos about Keto as a beginner, odds are you’re going to run across Keto Connect. This couple not only makes fun, lighthearted videos but the content is extremely educational as well. From videos giving a list of the best 10 Keto foods to eat for starters or how to make Keto energy balls in just 5 minutes. There’s a lot to learn from their channel.



Eating an entirely Keto diet is complicated but the Keto Chef is here to make life easier. He creates things like super simple salad recipes and desserts. The trick here is that the Keto Chef makes sure to use ingredients that aren’t complicated. He even shows how to create everyday things like salad dressing.



Joanna, also known as “Keto in Canada,” not only posts about the Keto diet, she’s been living it for more than 100 weeks! Her videos are like chatting with friends about being on Keto. She discusses how her journey is going and how she incorporates Keto into her lifestyle. It’s a great option if you are trying to figure out the logistics of going full Keto.



Goody Beats is aptly named, because this Keto series is not only upbeat, it’s inspirational. Logan Delgado, the host of Goody Beats, talks about how he lost 70 pounds on the Keto diet and turned his health completely around just by using Keto. He shows how to plan meals for every day of the week, making getting on track extremely easy.



If you’re just starting Keto or starting to get bored with it, Headbanger’s Kitchen is a great option. The host, who calls himself Demonstealer (Demonic Resurrection/Workshop/Reptilian Death— but don’t let that put you off) creates all different types of breads, desserts and even shows how to make Keto Curry and traditional Indian foods. He’ll keep your Keto diet from going stale.

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Just beginning Keto or struggling to stick with it? Here are 5 Keto Diet YouTube Channels that will keep you on the tasty track.