The 5 Most Liked Zodiac Signs — Find Out Who’s on Top and Bottom

Everyone knows that an Aries is typically friendly, but what’s wrong with poor Scorpio? The 5 most liked Zodiac signs will surprise you.

5 most liked zodiac signs
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Admit it — be you Boomer, Zoomer or Millennial, astrology is likely to capture your imagination, and the most liked Zodiac signs, as well as the least liked, pique your interest.

Think about your closest friends and favorite family members — what sign are they? Now consider the people who rub you the wrong way — could they be among the bottom signs on our lists?

The experts at set out to see if people born under one sign might be more popular than people born under another. Do people generally favor one sign, and eschew others?

In order to answer these questions, in-house experts conducted a sentiment analysis of up to 180,000 tweets on Twitter to determine which signs have received the highest percentage of positive sentiments.

Alongside the research, renowned psychic Inbaal Honigman provides insight into why certain signs are more liked than others.

“Everyone’s favorite signs are fire – outgoing, funny, the life and soul of the party, they clearly have their fans.” says Honigman. “Their extroverted and free spirit makes people crave their company.”

And at the other end of the scale? Honigman explains, “At the bottom we have a water sign, introverted and profound, they are often misunderstood. Their loving and loyal nature is hidden behind a quiet facade, so they don’t gain a following as readily as their peers.”

5 more fascinating findings about the most liked Zodiac signs, and the least:

●  Aries is the MOST liked Zodiac sign with 62.30% of Twitter sentiments being positive

●  The most prevalent positive sentiments used to describe an Aries are openness and


●  Sagittarius’ (59.67%), Leos (53.41%) and Libras (51.91%) are among the most loved star signs.

● Notably, all the Earth signs are close together in the middle of the ranking with Capricorns (50.64%), Taureans (50.19%), and Virgos (47.61%) respectively placing sixth, seventh and ninth.

●  Scorpios are the LEAST liked of the Zodiacs with only 44.29% of Twitter sentiments being positive.

At this point, you are doubtless ready to see the list of:

The 5 Most Liked Zodiac Signs

5 most liked zodiac signs

The breakdown of the 5 most liked Zodiac signs is as follows:

1. Aries

Taking the crown is the adventurous Aries. Because of their liveliness, Aries can make anything seem exciting. On Twitter, 62.3% of tweets were positive, which is 30% higher than the average of 48.10% across the 12 signs.

Although this energy can be full-on, with words such as ‘openness’ and ‘determined’ used to describe Aries, they are the least disliked sign out of the entire zodiac, with only 11.95% of the tweets found to be negative.

2. Sagittarius

Hot on the ram’s heels is Sagittarius. Their love for life is infectious and draws most people to them. It’s no wonder they’re among the most liked zodiac signs on Twitter, as their kindness, sense of humour, and cool demeanour instantly make you feel comfortable.

Over half of the tweets analysed about this sign were positive, while 25.34% were neutral and only 14.99% were negative.

3. Leo

Completing the top three is the final fire sign, Leo, which is renowned for its popularity. One thing that makes Leos so special is the admiration they bring out in people, and our research only confirms this with 53.41% of tweets about this sign deemed positive.

Their outgoing nature and confidence make them a popular sign, but they can also rub some people the wrong way. While only 13.61% of tweets were negative, 32.98% could be viewed as neutral with neither love nor hatred for the sign.

Inbaal Honigman, a renowned psychic and expert healer, explains why these three fire signs are so popular:

“Everyone’s favourite signs are fire – outgoing, funny, the life and soul of the party; they clearly have their fans. They’re extroverted and don’t hold anything back.”

4. Libra

With ‘weighing’ as one of the most common sentiments about this sign, Libra is bringing some balance to this list at number four. As Libras tend to take their popularity quite seriously, this will come as a relief. According to our analysis, what will thrill Libras even more is that the word ‘beauty’ is one of the most positive sentiments associated with this sign.

Libras are very social and want to be well-liked, so 51.91% of tweets about them being positive and only 13.82% saying anything negative will be welcome news.

Inbaal says, “Libra is the one air sign that’s doing much better than the other air signs – Libras are the peacekeepers of the zodiac, so they are always needed to referee the others.”

5. Pisces

Up next is the sign of many born psychics: Pisces. It is Pisces’ nature to help others and, as a result, they tend to be quite popular. Their selfless (yet emotional) personality has earned them 51.68% positivity on Twitter.

Despite having their solitary moments, Pisces can be the centre of attention when they feel sociable. This balance means that 33.09% of tweets were neutral and just 15.22% negative.

The 5 Least Liked Zodiac Signs

5 most liked zodiac signs

The breakdown of the 5 least liked Zodiac signs is as follows:

8. Cancer

In eighth place of Twitter’s most-liked zodiac signs is the extremely devoted Cancer. Almost half of the tweets (49%) were positive and over 29% neutral, meaning the majority of people have a strong opinion on this water sign.

20.71% of tweets in this study were negative, the second highest out of all 12 signs. While this sign is not for everyone, plenty of people appreciate the Cancerians in their lives.

9. Virgo

Most Virgos don’t mind if they’re not the most popular zodiac sign, so people belonging to this zodiac won’t be too offended when they hear they’re only number nine on the most liked zodiac signs on Twitter and only 47.61% of the tweets about the sign were positive.

A Virgo’s harshness, critical words, and general fussiness may turn a lot of people away, and this shows with the 15.19% negativity and 37.19% neutrality when it comes to tweets.

Inbaal wasn’t surprised to see Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo in these positions, “All the Earth signs are bunched together right in the middle, and that’s so Earth! Those signs are dependable, stable and calm, and they don’t care what others think of them!”

10. Gemini

Geminis can often have a bad reputation and can be seen as two-faced if you don’t truly understand the sign. With 45% of tweets found to be positive on Twitter, it’s fair to say that Geminis can be polarising.

This is bad news for Geminis as they often thrive on being popular and are usually described as being social. They have the third highest percentage of negative tweets at over 20%; however, many other tweets remained neutral (over 34%).

11. Aquarius

The slightly wacky yet wise Aquarius personality can be hit or miss. You either love their dedication to thinking outside of the box or find it tiresome. Unfortunately, with just 45.19% positivity on Twitter, it seems to be the latter with most.

The bright side of this is that this sign has the highest percentage of neutral tweets (41.09%) out of the whole zodiac, so it seems most people don’t feel too strongly about Aquarians.

12 .Scorpio (44.29% positivity)

According to our analysis of tweets, Scorpio is the least liked zodiac sign on Twitter. Rather than making friends with everyone, more often than not Scorpio’s seek close relationships with a small group of people instead, which could explain why they have the least number of positive tweets (44%).

However, despite having the most negative tweets of all zodiac signs (21%), it’s not all bad for Scorpio’s as over 33% of tweets are neutral, and ‘sexy’ is one of the most common adjectives associated with the sign.

As for those in between:

6. Capricorn

Loyal and helpful are two words often used to describe Capricorns. In fact, over half of tweets about this sign were positive, and 29.61% were found to be written in a neutral tone.

Capricorns tend to keep their group small and have a couple of close friends they can really depend on. However, this may seem like they shut themselves off from other people, which could justify the 19.74% of negative tweets.

7. Taurus

Taureans have a style and charisma that draws people to them. Unlike Capricorn, Taurus is not shy, and most will happily be the loudest in a room, which seems to be a good thing as 50.19% of tweets about this sign were positive.

Those born under the Taurus sign can be easy to get along with, as long as you don’t argue with them. This strong sign won’t compromise and won’t concede, explaining the 17.19% negativity across tweets.

Because we have friends and family at both ends of the spectrum, we will give no commentary of our own. But it’s certainly interesting to see how the signs shake out among those who tweet.

Everyone knows that an Aries is typically friendly, but what’s wrong with poor Scorpio? The 5 most liked Zodiac signs will surprise you.