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Astrologer Zoe Moon Gives Her 5 Top Predictions for 2021

Astrologer Zoe Moon gives some surprising top predictions for for 2021, regarding love, money, spirituality, even food! Don’t worry, some things get better.

5 Top Predictions for 2021
Photo by Vincent Ledvina

Even the most cynical among us take a look at their horoscopes every now and then, just to see if the astrologers are getting it “right.” Others who have faith in astrology check to see what the stars have in for them on a daily basis.

5 Top Predictions for 2021In light of this, Really Rather decided to ask Hollywood’s favorite astrologer Zoe Moon, for her top predictions for 2021. The year already got off to a tumultuous start, which of course, she predicted, stating in December that “2021 will continue to be revolutionary as the United States moves deeper into its Pluto Return. The position Pluto was in at the revolutionary founding of the nation.”

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it’s always good to be prepared for any eventuality. And Moon predicts some doozies. Check them out:

Astrologer Zoe Moon Gives 5 Top Predictions for 2021

1. Entertainment

Film, music and painting will enter a five year trend that focuses more on the occult. Look for art to be deep, profound and transformational, with ‘the veil between worlds’ as a shared topic across artistic platforms.

2. Money

Banking will move more exclusively online while actual money will continue to move away from paper and coins to more opposite extremes: electronic currency verses gold and silver. As Neptune moves we may see banks closing to usher this shift in.

3. Food

As we move deeper into the unpredictable but innovative Uranus impact on our food and land, new communities will pop up around a holistic, organic approach to shared farming, growing and selling of food with permaculture backyards or indoor gardens providing more of our basic needs. This will be in response to the interrupted supply chain of food that is on and off over the year as well as the unpredictable weather patterns.

4. Love

Love is complicated. On the one hand we will begin to ease from some of the restrictions that have been in place over the past year in committed relationships and this may open up some spontaneous and exciting moments. On the other hand, in lighter love affairs or new romances it can bring tests, responsibilities or regulations, begging the question “how bad do you want it?” The sporadic or unpredictable qualities should ease a bit for everyone in love this summer.

5. Weather

Floods and heavy precipitation may get more deadly from mid-February onward in 2021. We may also find something that has been long buried as the tides subside, the flood waters recede, or the snow melts away. Look for a discovery of something ancient and mystical, perhaps even magical in the year ahead.

Bonus: Spirituality

A wounded but spiritual child captures the public’s attention around the globe in the second half of 2021, here to teach us a great deal and perhaps spark a new trend in focus on our children, their needs or their innocence.

5 Top Predictions for 2021
Photo by Nong Vang

Renowned and respected Astrologer Zoe Moon has appeared on and written for numerous national platforms including CBS Sky Radio. She has her own weekly show on BlogTalkRadio and a monthly show on the Los Angeles station Healthy Life Radio. Find her daily forecasts on Facebook and her horoscopes on at Zoe Moon Astrology.

Astrologer Zoe Moon gives some surprising top predictions for for 2021, regarding love, money, spirituality, even food! Don’t worry, some things get better.