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5 Most Successful Dating Shows — Say ‘I do’ or ‘We’re Through’?

You’ll be shocked at how some of your favorites rank on the list of most successful dating shows. Do the couples go the distance or meet resistance?

Most successful dating shows
Photo: ABC

Successful dating shows might as well be an oxymoron. The two don’t generally go hand in hand. Let’s face it, dating is hard enough. Blind dating is just cruel and really should be outlawed. But add in lights, cameras and action from a production team, and it’s highly unlikely that any of the couples will come out of these shows with an enduring relationship.

Still, us poor folk on this side of the television live in hope. What about those whose lives are on display for our entertainment? Doesn’t their dating success mean anything to us? Do we not want these couples that we’ve invested so much of our time in to be lucky in the love department?

While messier makes for better television, we are talking about matters of the heart, and gosh darn it we aren’t suckers for a good love story. And we are happy to say that we aren’t the only ones concerned with the success rates of couples who found lasting love shooting a television show. Oh no, in fact an entire study was conducted and it turns out some shows are clear winners in the reality realm of L-O-V-E.

Success, in this case, is measured by the number of couples who are still together after meeting cute on a reality show.

So, armed with the results of this research, let us reveal the most successful dating shows in America.

The Most Successful Dating Shows in America

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1. 90 Day Fiancé

Shocked by the number one ranking for this list? Yeah, so were we. A show whose premise has people from other countries traveling to America to live with their fiancé before deciding to wed or go home doesn’t exactly sound like the beginnings of epic romance.

But, of the 42 couples that have been featured in the eight seasons, 28 are still together. That is a success rate of 67%! In retrospect, a dating show on TLC really ought to have more love heroes than love zeros.

2. Love is Blind

This dating show features singles who want to be loved for who they are, not what they look like, so they get to know each other with a solid wall between them, and don’t get to meet unless there’s a proposal. And while it’s ironic that it’s hosted by real life celeb couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey who happen to be one of the prettiest couples to look at, we can’t argue with the numbers on this one.

Six couples came out of the Love is Blind first season. Of the six, two are still together. With a success rate of 33%, the show has set a high bar for itself. Luckily for them, Love is Blind season 2 drops just in time for the most romantic holiday of them all – Valentine’s Day 2022.

3. The Bachelorette

While this pop culture staple has been on the air since 2003, it has the same success rate as Love is Blind. Out of the 18 total pairings, six have managed to stay together. The ABC hit show features a single bachelorette per season and follows her as she dates upwards of 25 men over several months. Some find love, some find marriage, and some find ratings gold. No judgement from us here. It’s interesting the the bachelorettes are far better at picking their partners than are the bachelors. What do you think that means?

4. Too Hot To Handle

This is the second success story from Netflix. The streaming giant that housesToo Hot To Handle has three seasons under its belt. But that is where the good news ends. Of the nine couples shown, only one has lasted thus far.

Are we really shocked by this though? What do we expect when we ask people to give up sex with the ones we’re most drawn to? That is the position these players are in. A shot at a grand prize of $100,000 dollars on the shores of Shangri-La with sweet looking singles but no hanky panky?

Engaging television aside, that’s a hard pass on lasting romance if we’ve ever seen one.

Most successful dating shows
Photo: Netflix

5. The Bachelor

Like it’s girl counterpart The Bachelor is popular and pays ABC the only currency a network channel wants – ratings! Their success, however, ends there. As far as luck in the love space, they barely rock a single digit percentage. Of the 25 Bachelor couples, only one has stayed the course.

Is that shocking? No. Most men can’t pick their own outfits let alone a lifelong love.



You’ll be shocked at how some of your favorites rank on the list of most successful dating shows. Do the couples go the distance or meet resistance?