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5 Sweet Benefits of Manuka Honey — What’s the Buzz About?

Immunity, beauty and vitality are among the many benefits of Manuka honey, the natural superfood from the mountains of New Zealand.

Benefits of Manuka honey

We’ve been dying to hear about the benefits of Manuka honey ever since we first heart the fun-to-say word. Manooooooka! Sounds a bit like a term of endearment, not unlike “my sweet Baboo.”

So what’s all the buzz about Manuka honey in particular? Is it really any different from traditional honey used for centuries? The answer is a resounding yes!

The increasing popularity of Manuka honey is well warranted for its antimicrobial properties. The sweet story behind how it’s sourced is just as appealing as the honey itself.

Produced from the native Manuka trees (Leptospermum Scoparium) in remote and wild landscapes of New Zealand, Manuka honey is so rare that it can only be harvested for two to eight weeks each year.

Benefits of Manuka honey

Its rarity, unique properties, harvesting, and testing contribute to the higher cost of Manuka honey, all worth it to health-conscious people looking to add this complex and high-strength raw honey to their lifestyle.

Why is Manuka honey so special?

This honey is a powerful ingredient with 2,000 natural compounds used for skincare, haircare, and optimized vitality. 

Bees collect Manuka nectar, rich in methylglyoxal (MGO), creating plenty of antibacterial benefits. It’s important to verify that the Manuka honey purchased is 100% authentic by looking at the label for a seal of authenticity traceable to the source.

Benefits of Manuka honey

Key things to look for are the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) grading, determining the leptosperin, methylglyoxal and DHA markers. Not all Manuka honey is the same, so the UMF™ grading is essential. The higher the UMF™ grade, the greater the unique Manuka honey attributes and the higher the antibacterial marker.

The therapeutic properties of honey have been well-known since ancient times. As consumers worldwide learn more about the multitudes of uses for Manuka Honey, the more they are returning to the golden elixir for enhanced wellbeing. It helps a long list of ailments, including acne, sore throats, wound healing, and digestive health.

“There are so many sweet ways to consume Manuka honey,” says Scott Brundell, Co-Owner & Business Director, New Zealand Honey Co. “Whether you spread it on toast, stir it into tea or yogurt, or take a spoonful each morning to boost vitality, it truly is liquid gold with amazing benefits for young and old, pets included, straight out of the jar.” 

Below, Brundell helps us break down the top five benefits of keeping a jar close by for all of life’s necessities.

5 Benefits of Manuka Honey for Wellness and Vitality

1. Honey, It Looks Good on You

Benefits of Manuka honey

Skin and hair are in for a treat with this golden extract that beautifully treats skincare issues, such as acne, and gives hair a radiant, healthy shine.

Create your own face/acne wash, hair mask, shampoo, or conditioner and reap the enhanced benefits. Manuka Honey is a natural humectant drawing in and retaining moisture, thus deeply nourishing the skin for a natural, dewy glow.

2. Feel Better From Head to Toe

Benefits of Manuka honey

The antiviral and antibacterial benefits of Manuka honey are suitable for many purposes, including healing wounds, remedying illnesses, and aiding recovery. This natural ointment can be applied directly to an injury to form a protective barrier, keep bacteria out, and hydrate the wound.

Further, the honey reduces inflammation and digestive symptoms, a natural remedy for GERD and acid reflux. It coats the stomach and esophagus, healing the tissue, and works on sore throats as well.

3. Smile and Show Those Healthy Teeth

Photo: Autumn Goodman

You may think the sugar content in honey would be a no-no for healthy teeth and gums. The high antibacterial activity effectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, like gingivitis, and reduces bleeding in patients with gum disease (if you suffer from any of these diesease then Choose the Best Dentist in UAE for your appointment). What a sweet surprise for oral care!

4. Jumpstart Your Day

Benefits of Manuka honey
For a sugar alternative and a vital boost of energy, it kick-starts your morning and helps you bounce back from whatever may have knocked you out for a few days.

Add it to your food and drink with a variety of recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth, too! Spread, stir, spoon – it’s excellent for cooking, baking, and eating as a snack. It makes a great addition to salad dressings, breads, side dishes, breakfast favorites, and more.

5. Say Woof!

Benefits of Manuka honey

Humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy the benefits of Manuka honey. Manuka honey for dogs helps maintain their bodies, preparing them to fight unexpected bacteria they pick up on their many adventures, and keeps their guts and pH levels in good condition. It even can be used to treat minor animal wounds at home.

Benefits of Manuka honeyReady to try a spoonful? Shop New Zealand Honey Co. or Amazon to enjoy one of the rarest superfoods in the world.




Immunity, beauty and vitality are among the many benefits of Manuka honey, the natural superfood from the mountains of New Zealand.