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The Craziest James Bond Gadgets — See Our 5 Faves

See if you agree that these are the craziest James Bond gadgets from the spectacular action films over the decades. If not, which ones would you Really Rather?

craziest James Bond gadgets

With the upcoming No Time to Die on everyone’s radar, we can’t wait to see if it will include some of our favorite words:

“Right, now pay attention 007!”

This phrase is often heard from James Bond’s quartermaster, “Q” as he demonstrates the latest inventions from MI6. Q is the no-nonsense genius responsible for designing many of the high-tech weapons and gadgets that viewers love from the series. Whether the fully submersible Lotus Esprit, the Omega laser wristwatch, or the wrist-mounted guns, Bond has had access to some seriously nifty gadgets for his stealth missions.

James Bond’s Craziest GadgetsThe most recent movie installments (starring Daniel Craig) have featured far fewer gadgets than ever before, after Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day was largely panned for relying too heavily on gadgets. After Die Another Day, fans wanted a more realistic, less techie Bond.

Since then, new Bond films rely more on fists and combat skills to defeat the bad guys. Nowhere was this more evident than 2015’s Spectre, a Bond film that featured exactly zero gadgets for the first time in the series history.

But some of us miss when Bond was more of a fantasy spy with the craziest gadgets, that’s what made the Bond series so special and different from others in the genre. Gadgets are as much a hallmark as the Bond girls, villains, and opening soundtrack. We even love the truly absurd spy tech!

So while we wait for the next movie, No Time to Die, to release, we can’t help but wonder what wacky gadgets it might include, if any. The trailer gives few clues:

Below find the Ace Cash Express list of the craziest James Bond gadgets, and below that find our 5 favorites. See if you agree.

craziest James Bond gadgets

The Craziest James Bond Gadgets — These are Our 5 Faves


Rocket-Firing Cigarette

Movie: You Only Live Twice

Release: 1967

Bond Actor: Sean Connery

After being captured by Blofeld, Bond is allowed “one last cigarette” while listening to the villain’s nefarious scheme. Fortunately for 007, these cigarettes are able to fire rocket-propelled bullets.


Swallowing Couch

Movie: The Living Daylights

Release: 1987

Bond Actor: Timothy Dalton

Likely an invention created just to amuse himself, Q tested a revolving couch that swallows and captures whoever sits on it.


Wheelchair Missile Launcher

Movie: Goldeneye

Release: 1995

Bond Actor: Pierce Brosnan

Still in testing at Q Branch, the Wheelchair Missile Launcher is made to look like someone had broken their leg when, in reality, it houses a hidden rocket launcher capable of taking down foes who decide to park in the handicap spot. We like to think that Bond actor Daniel Craig uses this device after breaking his ankle on the set of No Time to Die.


Hovercraft Gondola (Bondola)

Movie: Moonraker

Release: 1979

Bond Actor: Roger Moore

Bond is enjoying a leisurely gondola ride through the Venetian canals when an enemy boat opens fire on him. A speedboat race ensues and Bond expertly pilots his gondola through the canals to make a getaway. Q equipped the “Bondola’’ with all sorts of upgrades, including the ability to transform his boat into a land hovercraft, which Bond drives through the busy Venice streets.


Crocodile Submarine

Movie: Octopussy

Release: 1983

Bond Actor: Roger Moore

Easily one of the more ridiculous gadgets on our list, Bond infiltrates Octopussy’s floating palace using a submarine disguised as a crocodile.

See if you agree that these are the craziest James Bond gadgets from the spectacular action films over the decades. If not, which ones would you Really Rather?