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5 Things to Love About This Life Sized Barbie Yacht — Is It Real?

Cotton Candy Cruises has come up with a life sized Barbie yacht for $10 million. Do we love it? Yes. Would we buy it? Hell no. But it’s great fun to check it out.

Life sized barbie yacht

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, 2023 is the year of Barbie pink. You can find just about every product under the sun in the poppy color these days, so it was only a matter of time before some clever souls in rose-colored glasses developed a life sized Barbie yacht done up in, you guessed it, the hottest of hot Barbie pinks.

Or did they?

Check out the promotional material and the photos for the Pink Pearl, and see if you can tell whether a lucky lottery winner could actually purchase this life sized Barbie yacht, or if it’s a clever way to get media attention back links to, a company that sells multi-million dollar sea-faring vessels.

Here’s the info we were sent:

“Welcome aboard The Pink Pearl yacht, a vessel that brings out the iconic pink spirit to life on the high seas.

Sail into a world of pink-tinted luxury and elegance, where every detail is crafted to capture the essence of a glamorous lifestyle encompassing the ‘all-pink-everything’ aesthetic.


Exterior features of the life sized Barbie yacht

life sized Barbie yacht

Pink exterior: The Pink Pearl flaunts an exterior with a sleek and modern design, gleaming in lustrous shade of pink that glistens when on the high seas.


life sized Barbie yacht

Make a splash on the pool deck: Enjoy a dip in the luxurious turquoise pool complete with hot pink sunbeds, so you can bask in the sunshine to your heart’s content.


Interior features of the life sized Barbie yacht

life sized barbie yacht

Master suite: The master suite screams pink! A sanctuary of pink perfection, finished with the king size canopy bed as the centrepiece. The cozy seating area is set up next to a large porthole window where you can relax and unwind.


life sized barbie yacht

Ultimate closet at sea: No master suite would be complete without a walk-in closet, and the Pink Pearl yacht is no exception. Play real life dress-up with dresses, tank tops and gowns in varying shades of pink, no matter what the occasion.


life sized barbie yacht

Lounge complete with cocktail bar: The indoor lounge area is finished with a sumptuous, low seating sofa and pastel pink cushions, providing ample space for guests to relax and socialize. The cocktail bar stands as a focal point of the room’s design, finished with bar stools upholstered in plush pink velvet, providing a comfortable perch for guests to sit and enjoy their favorite drinks.

From bow to stern, the Pink Pearl yacht is a breathtaking homage to the captivating aesthetic of pink core.”

There you have it. Did you figure out that these images are just skillful renderings, or if they could be photos of the real thing? If it seems to crazy to be true…you’re right!

The feature comes with the following disclaimer

Disclaimer: This product is an imaginary vessel created by Rightboat writers and is not intended for sale.

So what’s the point? It could give you terrific design ideas if you’re thinking about redesigning a room. Why not go full on Barbie? You can change the colors of the pillows and drapes later on when you grow weary of it.

In the meantime, I’m getting all sorts of ideas from it for my new office. I’d love to take some cues from the Pink Pearl for an closet re-design, but since I share the primary closet with my hubby (he gets about 10% of the space) I think I’ll refrain, even though he too is giving into the fact that we are currently living in a Barbie World.

What? You haven’t seen the Barbie movie yet? Or perhaps you’d like to see it again? Check out my review here.

Cotton Candy Cruises has come up with a life sized Barbie yacht for $10 million. Do we love it? Yes. Would we buy it? Hell no. But it’s great fun to check it out.