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Wondering ‘What Pink Looks Best on Me?’ 5 Tips Approved by Barbie Sr.

Before you go shopping, you may want to consider the question, ‘What pink looks best on me?’ Advice approved by Barbie Sr.

What Pink looks best on me, Barbie Sr

Forget Pantone. If there was ever a color of the year, without a doubt 2023 is the Year of Pink.

This may lead you to the question, can I even wear pink, and if so, what pink looks best on me?

All the pink publicity leading up to the Barbie movie, through the film’s unequivocal summertime reign, and then into its likely continuance through Fall and awards season, pink has permeated the world as we know it, in our bathrooms, our kitchens, on our pets, on the docks, and especially in our closets.

There are so many shades of the all popular color, including corals, pastels, fuchsias, roses and more, it can be confusing to pick one that flatters. Very few people, if any, look smashing in every shade.

“Pink is absolutely everywhere — from tees, totes and toes to party dresses, stilettos, Zoom backgrounds and beyond,” says Hollywood’s ‘Guru of Hue’ Jill Kirsh, whose advice has been featured in all the most popular fashion magazines, websites and television productions.

According to Kirsh, “Your best shade of this majorly trending color is based on the color of your hair. Your hair frames your face — your eyes and your smile. To look your most radiant, you should lead with your best shade when choosing your your colors for fashion and beauty, but also for the colors you surround yourself with in your home.”

She uses ReallyRather editor-in-chief Lisa Johnson Mandell, who is having a fun run as Barbie Sr., as an example.

“Based on her warm blond locks, Watermelon Pink is SO her Barbie Pink!” she says. Its warmth will highlight your beautiful blonde streaks, even out your skin tone and make your blue eyes pop!”

Her trusty sidekick, Frankie Feldman, on the other hand, with his abundance of white fluff, looks best in dusty lavender pink, which is fortunately the color of his shades and the flamingo accents on his shirt.

Kirsh has kindly offered to give us a cheat sheet for looking your absolute prettiest in pink, so without further ado here’s

What pink looks Best on me? Advice approved by Barbie Sr.


If your hair is dark brown, black, silver or salt and pepper…

What Pink looks best on me, Barbie Sr

…like Andie McDowellAngela Bassett and Demi Moore, then a bold, clear fuchsia is amazing. This shade is spectacular against these cool, sleek hair colors.


If you hair is a light ash blond, white or a soft gray…

What Pink looks best on me, Barbie Sr Helen Mirren and Glenn Close, you’ll look radiant in a dusty lavender pink. In addition to being in sync with the cool tone of your hair, it evens out your skin tone and you’ll just glow.


If your hair is light, warm blonde…

What Pink looks best on me, Barbie Sr

…like Reese WitherspoonJennifer LawrenceKristen Chenoweth and Lisa Johnson Mandell, then watermelon pink is perfection. This warm shade harmonizes with your flaxen strands and highlights your features.


If your hair is golden brown, deep honey blonde or red…

What Pink looks best on me, Barbie Sr

…like Jessica ChastainShakira and Drew Barrymore, then a warm salmon pink is best. You will shine in this shade that is just beautiful against the rich warmth of your hair.

Last but certainly not least, you may be wondering if there’s one shade of pink that looks best on everyone. We may be cheating a bit on this one, but we think there is one particular type of Barbie pink that looks fabulous on everyone, be they young or old, light or dark, short or tall, male or female, you name it. That would be…

Think pink! Think pink is a mindset you wear in your head and in your heart, and it looks great on you any time of the day or night. According to experts on color psychology, pink is thought to be associated with love, kindness and even playfulness. A bright pink can connote energy and fun, while a warm or soft pink can bring feelings of serenity and calmness.

But whatever shade of pink you’re wearing, it seems to connote something positive. It seems Barbie is doing us all a big favor by giving us more permission and encouragement to wear it.

Before you go shopping, you may want to consider the question, ‘What pink looks best on me?’ Advice approved by Barbie Sr.