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Most Popular Season in America – 5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know

We drop it like it’s hot and reveal some surprising tidbits on America’s most popular season. See which time of year sprung to the top.

Most popular season
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It’s not easy to determine the most popular season. After all, seasons come and seasons go. That mother nature of ours, she has a lot on her to-do list every year. Yes, she can be unpredictable when it comes to the day to day. And, yeah, she can go from cold and windy one day to hot and humid the next.

Though her short term actions can be somewhat bipolar at times, we have come to expect that for the most part she delivers four distinct seasons for our enjoyment. If you ask us, that’s awful generous of the little lady.

While each of us has our own personal favorite season, it turns out that America has a clear pick for number one. Until our personal pleas for “Pumpkin Spice Season” to be added to the calendar, for the purposes of this article we are talking about winter, spring, summer and fall.  Our friends at Breck’s poured over a deluge of information gathered from Google from 2017-2021.

The information that came back enlightened us about how American’s feel about the weather. We broke it all down and have packed together the most interesting facts about American’s favorite season.

Turns out, Mother Nature isn’t the only one who gives conflicting results — so did the voters.

5 Things American’s Revealed About the Most Popular Season

Favorite season in America

Courtesy: Breck’s

1. Spring is Hands Down the Most Popular Season

There is no doubt that spring is king. A total of 40 states selected spring as their most perfect period of time. We can’t exactly argue with this either. Spring does show off her natural beauty with colorful blooms and much needed added daylight to our lives.

But, even though spring was a clear winner, over half of those polled preferred watching the leaves change colors to seeing flowers in bloom. Go figure.

2. Summer Takes Second

Summer turned out not to be so hot, hot. hot. Connecticut, D.C., Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island choose the summer sun over all other seasons. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith called it back in 1991 when they said summer time was, “Time to sit back and unwind.”

Of those polled, 50% say that summer time is when they are most social in general. And, most American’s identified summer as the season they are most likely to go out and pour over a cold one.

3. Fall Is Not For All

Despite delivering some of the most breathtaking displays of nature, autumn fell to the bottom half of the list. Maine, Tennessee, and West Virginia all called fall as their favorite. Not surprisingly, these are states with high traffic come leaf peepin’ time.

While we were shocked that fall was the favorite season only to three states, we were not at all surprised that over half of all women chose fall as the perfect time to go out on a date outside. No arguments from us on that one. What woman wants to contend with sweaty makeup and flat hair while being courted? Not us!

What will also get no argument from us is the clear beverage choice in the fall/winter time. Good ol’ fashioned hot chocolate steamed out the rest of the cozy concoctions to the tune of 61% of the vote.

most popular season in America
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4. Winter is NOT a winner

Poor winter. It just can’t get much love. Not only does it get bottom billing, nearly half of all American’s would get rid of winter before any other season.

Alaska and Vermont are the only two states that say winter is their winner of seasons. Turns out, American’s would rather crank the AC in the summer than have to turn on the heat in the winter. American’s, 84% of them, say it’s harder to wake in the winter versus the 16% that find summer rising is hardest.

And, when asked if they would rather deal with a sunburn or frozen fingers, 60% chose sunburn.

most popular season in America
Courtesy: Breck’s

5. Hot is ‘hot’, expect when it’s too hot

Overall, warmer weather is the preference of the people. Over half of those polled picked waves over winter. When asked to choose between living somewhere hot or cold, 57% chose hot. Curiously though, when asked to pick enduring 100º temps or 20º temps, 51% chose cold.

We drop it like it’s hot and reveal some surprising tidbits on America’s most popular season. See which time of year sprung to the top.