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5 Sexy AF, ahem, Alcohol Free Cocktails that Will Astound You

Alcohol Free Cocktails made with Sexy AF Spirits are not only alcohol free, they’re also sugar free, vegan, kosher and low carb. Cheers!

Sexy AF alcohol free cocktails

Alcohol free cocktails that taste great and are actually good for you? Do such things really exist?

Seriously folks, we’re not joking. There’s a new company in town known as Sexy AF, and before you go get your knickers in a twist, know that the AF stands for “alcohol free.” We think the name is craftily clever.

Among these spirits’ other virtues are the facts that, in addition to being ideal for alcohol free cocktails or “mocktails,” they’re also plant based, vegan, kosher, allergen free, gluten free, sugar free, low calorie and low carb.

They come in six fun flavors that correspond with the beverage they’re somewhat akin to, including Spiced Yum, AperTease,Friski Whiski, Amar-oh,  Viirgiin and Triple Sexy. The latter three are available on Amazon. Or the whole set can be found on’re priced around $16.99.

Sexy AF alcohol free cocktails

What more could you ask from a libation, okay, besides alcohol? Just so you know, Sexy AF spirits are meant to be mixed, and not as straight shots, as we discovered the hard way when we uncorked the “Friski Whiski,” and poured it into shot glasses.

No, these spirits are all about mixing, with soda, lime juice and various other ingredients, so that they give the impression of fancy mixed cocktails. It didn’t take us long to figure out that you can actually add the real thing to Sexy AF spirits, for full octane cocktails that are super easy to make.

We hate to admit it, but we actually added a little Friski Whiski to some sub-standard red wine we had on hand, and voila! It was instantly converted to an passable tasting mulled wine. (Don’t judge us).

In essence, we found Sexy AF spirits to be all fun, no hangover.

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Sexy AF Alcohol Free Cocktails

Watermelon Margarita

2 oz Triple Sexy

2 oz Watermelon juice

2 oz Lime juice

Whip it up with ice cubes in a blender, or serve it on the rocks. Sugar or salt rimmed glasses optional.

Whiski Sour

2 oz Friski Whiski

3/4 oz Lemon and/or lime juice

1 liberal dash of soda

Fill cocktail shaker with ice, add Friski Whiski and citrus juice and shake. Top with soda water and garnish with lemon peel.

Sexy AF Mimosa

2 oz ViirGiin

4 oz Orange Juice

2 oz soda

Mix the the ViirGiin and orange juice together in a flute, then top with soda


1 1/2 oz Triple Sexy

2 oz Pomegranate juice

1/2 oz Lime juice

2 oz Dry soda, blood orange flavor

Mix together, pour over ice cubes. Serve with a lime wedge, if desired.


2 oz AperTease

1 oz White wine vinegar

1 oz white grape juice


Poor over ice in a glass, fill the rest with soda, and garnish with a lemon or orange twist (or both!)

Sexy AF alcohol free cocktails

Alcohol Free Cocktails made with Sexy AF Spirits are not only alcohol free, they’re also sugar free, vegan, kosher and low carb. Cheers!