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Top 5 Most Instagrammed Hairstyles – Are You Rocking Any of These Delightful ‘Dos?

Thinking of trying something new for your crowning glory? Here are the most Instagrammed hairstyles that are trending right now!


#BeautifulHair. Whether it’s long, short, or somewhere in between, rocking lovely locks are pretty much everyone’s goal. But keeping up with the latest trends and trying the most instagrammed hairstyles could be one of the biggest beauty commitments—a pixie cut won’t grow back overnight. We’d all like to avoid a “hairy situation.”

That’s where Instagram comes in: we get to window shop for everything from curtain bangs to choppy layers. On Insta, we can see how a certain style looks on a variety of models. tracked the most Instagrammed hairstyles and there were millions of results—over 28 million for #Balayage alone! (Which we might argue is a bleaching technique and not a style, but who are we to split hairs?)

The follically-fascinated folks at even went so far as to narrow the results down to exact areas. “When it comes to style preferences between specific states, there were some clear winners. We found the French bob was the most searched for style over the past year with 24.2k hashtags used in California, and money piece hair was most searched for in Tennessee with 483k hashtags used.”

Are you thinking of making a change? Want to keep up with the trends? Check out the list (with pics, of course) below.

5 Most Instagrammed Hairstyles

5. Layers

Photo: @Bora_Kalaj

Whether they are choppy, blended, or face-framing, layers aren’t going anywhere. Right now, long layers are the most searched-for. Long layers may not be as noticeable, but they do keep one’s hair from laying too flat and heavy. #keepingitreal

4. Bandana

most instagrammed hairstyles
Photo: @amaux

Bandanas and headscarves offer the perfect solution for a bad hair day (we all have them!). A lot of people are turning to Insta for styling ideas and different ways to wear them. #noshame

5. French Bob

most instagrammed hairstyles

Bobs are cute and always on-trend. There are a few different types of bobs and right now, we’re saying oui to the French bob. It is chin-length or shorter and often has a wavy texture. What sets the French bob apart from any other style is the bangs. #treschic

2. Box Braids

most instagrammed hairstyles
Photo: @fatou_amina

Box braids are three-stranded plaits, and they aren’t too different from standard braids but they are tighter and more defined. Unlike cornrows, box braids are not braided flat against the scalp; the hair is sectioned off into precisely shaped squares (boxes) on the scalp. This makes for sleek, easy-to-wear hair. #boxmein

1. Balayage

Photo: @jessicascott

The style that takes the 2021 trend crown? Balayage! This highlighting technique is a bit different from traditional highlights or streaks. It’s “hand-painted” without using foils and shows off a natural, blended look. #balayageftw

None of those grab you by the short and curlies? Well, luckily there are more than just 5 styles to rock right now—check out other popular hairstyles on Instagram below.