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It’s Veganuary! Check Out These 5 Surprising Vegan Celebrities

Did you know there’s such a thing called Veganuary, and that there are so many vegan celebrities? We sure didn’t. Look and learn.

Vegan celebrities veganuary Benedict Cumberbatch

To be honest, we didn’t even know Veganuary was a thing, but you can bet these vegan celebrities did, along with the record 2 million people who say they are set to go vegan 2022.

Plenty of big stars have famously used their celeb status to promote veganism over the years, such as Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix and pop icon Miley Cyrus – she has even been dubbed the “veganest vegan to ever vegan” by PETA.

But which celebs have kept their lifestyle close to their chest and which have only recently waved goodbye to animal products?

The team at SlotsUp have revealed some of the biggest stars to have committed to the vegan lifestyle, including some you probably never knew had put their meat-eating days behind them.

5 Vegan Celebrities That May Surprise You


1. Billie Eilish

Vegan celebrities veganuaryDespite still only being 20-years-old, the ‘Happier Than Ever’ singer claims to have been living the vegan dream since 2014. Eilish was raised vegetarian and is said to have gone vegan after learning about the harsh realities of the meat and dairy industries, leading her to cut all animal products out of her lifestyle for good.


2. Lizzo

Vegan celebrities veganuaryNot only does she enjoy writing ‘feel-good’ music, Lizzo has also taken up a feel-good lifestyle. She is one of the latest stars to adopt a vegan diet, making the switch as recently as 2020. After being vegetarian for several years prior, Lizzo announced that she had gone fully vegan via TikTok. Her 20 million followers and counting are often treated to updates on the ‘Juice’ singer’s vegan journey, as well as recipes for some of her favorite plant-based meals.

3. Ariana Grande

Vegan celebrities veganuaryJust like fellow chart sensations, Billie Eilish and Lizzo, the ‘Thank You, Next’ singer showed wisdom beyond her years and has led a vegan lifestyle from a young age. The Don’t Look Up actress is thought to have transitioned to a fully vegan lifestyle as far back as 2013 after deciding that she simply loved animals too much, telling one interviewer “I love animals more than most people”. Well, who can blame her?
Grande’s trainer and nutritionist revealed that her vegan diet consists mostly of Japanese-inspired cuisine, including tasty vegan-friendly treats like daikon, lotus and adzuki beans.

4. Kourtney Kardashian

Vegan celebrities veganuary

Since she began dating Blink-182 drummer and long-time vegan Travis Barker in December 2020, the oldest Kardashian sister has been attempting to lead a vegan lifestyle which she professes is 95% vegan. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is proof that any of us could make a difference to the planet simply by reducing our meat and animal product consumption.



5. Benedict Cumberbatch

Vegan celebrities veganuaryEven though he played a cattle rancher with a taste for fried chicken in The Power of the Dog (a role which could well earn him an Oscar) Benedict Cumberbatch has never shared too much information about his diet, but did reveal his vegan status when asked in an interview about his Nando’s order. The Oscar-nominated actor has stated that his vegan lifestyle has been integral in helping him stay in shape while shooting for the high action Avengers franchise.
Meanwhile, his vegan lifestyle has won him extra brownie points with PETA, who named him the ‘most beautiful vegan’ in 2018.

Did you know there’s such a thing called Veganuary, and that there are so many vegan celebrities? We sure didn’t. Look and learn.