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Sweet! 5 Healthy Sugar Substitutes You May Not Have Heard About

What’s trending in sugarless sipping and snacking? Check out these healthy sugar substitutes that are making life sweeter by the second.

5 healthy sugar substitutes

Pretty please with sugar substitute on top?  Not if it’s filled with chemicals, thanks!

Over the years, waist-wise and calorie-conscious consumers have tried the trends involving chemically sounding sweetener substitutes from saccharin to sucralose. Come to find out that sometimes the prevention was often worse than the cure—not only did the substitutes of yore taste bad, but they often caused weight-gain and health issues.

But lately, experts have come up with guiltless sweet treats that are not too good to be true. Sugar may be sweet, but it’s not the only granule in town when it comes to making our lattes luscious and our cookies crave-worthy.

You can have your cake and eat it too with these natural, delicious, low-calorie, and yes, healthy sugar substitutes. Check out our list:

5 Healthy Sugar Substitutes That You May Not Have Heard About


Healthy Sugar alternativesMonks may make you think of deprivation, but there’s nothing held back in terms of full flavor with healthy sugar substitutes like the oh-so-convenient Monk Fruit Blend. Also known as luohan guo, monk fruit is a herbaceous perennial vine of the gourd family and is native to southern China and northern Thailand. This low-glycemic, preservative-free alternative is the perfect way to add natural sweetness to any recipe or beverage. Monk Fruit Blend is a healthy option that contains a mix of erythritol and monk fruit that imitates the sweetness of sugar but has zero calories! Use it just like sugar (1:1 ratio) in your favorite baking recipes, smoothie mixes, and more


healthy sugar substitutesSince life is cruel, chocolate is usually caloric and full of sugar. Lucky for us, cacao powder can provide a more nutritious alternative to decadent chocolate recipes with the added benefits of organic ingredients and less guilt. Better Body Foods Cacao Powder is a versatile, non-GMO, gluten-free option that contains magnesium, fiber and vitamin C, among other goodies, that can be used as a substitute for ordinary chocolate powder in nearly any dish. It’s a smart, slimming hack to assuage your chocolate cravings.


If you’re looking for an alternative to sugar, honey, or syrup, agave nectar would like to step up and say hello! We’ve found one that’s a low-glycemic-index sweetener, Kosher certified, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. But make sure you slow your roll when doling it out, because agave sweetener is one to two times sweeter than sugar. This means you can save calories by using less—win/win! Agave nectar is harvested from the agave plant, an antioxidant-rich succulent native to arid desert regions of the Americas. Use this nutritious nectar wherever you would use sugar or honey.


5 healthy sugar substitutesJerusalem Artichoke syrup is made of topinambur root, also known as sun-root, sunchoke, or earth apple. It’s made from a sunflower native to central North America and actually has no relation to the artichoke at all. It’s also high in prebiotics and probiotics, plus vitamin C, niacin (B3), and thiamine (B1), which provide energy, as well as a significant spectrum of essential minerals. What’s more, Jerusalem Artichoke syrup is low glycemic, zero cholesterol, and low calorie with a naturally sweet flavor—perfect for beverages, pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies, and more.


Healthy Sugar AlternativesThis refined sugar alternative is a superior spoon-for-spoon replacement to refined white sugar. That means it’s easy-peasy to chuck white sugar or artificial sweeteners for good. Use coconut sugar in everything from simple snacks to gourmet recipes! It is naturally low on the glycemic index, which means that it won’t raise your blood sugar as quickly as the refined stuff does so that you can have the yumminess of sugar without the insulin spike. Coconut sugar has a subtle caramel-like flavor that offers a welcome variation from processed sugars—it’s comparable to brown and cane sugar in taste. It is delicious in your morning cup of joe or tea, or in your bowl of oatmeal or cereal.

What’s trending in sugarless sipping and snacking? Check out these healthy sugar-substitutes that are making 2021 sweeter by the second.