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5 American Castles — House of the Dragon USA?

Having House of the Dragon dreams? Got that Lord of the Rings longing? Here are 5 American castles that will feed your fantasy…if you can afford them.

American castles house of the dragon

With HBO’s much-anticipated Game of Thrones prequel House of  the Dragon and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series Rings of Power poised to premiere fans may experience a fresh wave of fascination for castles. Some might even fantasize about buying their own real-life fortress—shopping American castles, perhaps?

While American castles are rare, they do exist—and many are even for sale right now!

If you’re feeling inspired by the latest twists in the tales of the Targaryens, we’ve spotted five castles fit for American royalty. Some of them have lingered on the market—and bargains might be bestowed on an offer that enchants a serious seller.

While none offers space to park a dragon, one of these fantasy dwellings might suit your fancy. Have a look!

5 American Castles to Feed Your House of the Dragon Fantasies

1. 31531 Peppertree Bnd, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Price: $4,000,000
Bargain at the beach: Forsooth! This regal residence is about to be auctioned off with an opening bid of $4 million. That is a lot of dough, but it’s less than half of the ransom the castle was seeking last year, when it was on the market for $11,200,000.

It measures 16,000 square feet and has nine bedrooms and 12 baths. It also features a wine cellar, exercise room, waterfall pool, library, game room, two large ponds, and guest quarters. Even though the interior evinces all the trappings of an ’80s-era home, the castle sits on a huge tract of land measuring 4.4 acres with ocean views.

Who knows? A heated bidding war might erupt over this fortress soon enough.

5 American Castles — House of the Dragon

2. 271 Hunting Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT 06903

Price: $2,399,000
Castle in the country: This charming stone castle looks like something from centuries past, but it was actually built a mere 116 years ago.

Known as Chateau Rochamore, it boasts a truly impressive turret, a great hall with a 30-foot beamed ceiling, a soaring stone fireplace, and a Juliet balcony.

There are stone fireplaces throughout the 5,071-square-foot interior. All five of the bedrooms have been updated, and the kitchen has been refreshed as well.

It sits on 3.5 wooded acres just a quick train ride away from New York City, so you can easily transport yourself from one fantastic realm to another in less than a half-hour.

5 American Castles — House of the Dragon

3. 50 Brickyard Rd, Woodstock, CT

Price: $60,000,000
Nice at twice the price: If at first you don’t succeed, double the price, quintuple the acreage, and try, try again. That seems to be the strategy for Chris Mark Castle, a Disney-esque palace that was on the market last year for around $30 million and included 75 acres of land.

Today, 400 acres are included in the offering, plus the immense 18,777-square-foot stone dwelling that contains 20 rooms. This wild castle has bounced on and off the market since at least 2014.

The enchanting estate also features a moat, stained-glass windows, a drawbridge, turrets, and towers rising 126 feet into the sky. It also offers 12 fireplaces—who says castles have to be cold and drafty?

5 American Castles — House of the Dragon

4. 1428 Monroe Turnpike, Monroe, CT

Price: $1,595,000
Stone-clad classic: What’s with all the castles in Connecticut? Built by the Freemasons in 1936, this is the most reasonably priced of the bunch. It features Freemason symbols tucked into the stonework on the outside and on some of the six fireplaces within.

The living space measures a generous 7,782 square feet. Inside, it’s been completely remodeled and painted. Highlights include a gorgeous and practical kitchen with an island and high-end appliances.

Sitting on 6.26 grassy acres, the castle is just a quick ride away on your mighty steed to Lake Zoar and the Paugussett National Forest, and the closest big city is New Haven for a night on the town.

5 American Castles — House of the Dragon

5. 6424 SW 104th St, Oklahoma City, OK

Price: $1,999,999
Medieval family resort: Milam Castle features 10,000 square feet of living space in addition to a 5,500-square-foot, climate-controlled garage area that could easily be used for a jousting tournament. There are also a number of bunk rooms for your many young heirs.

This is the only castle on our list with a pool, spa, splash pad, and waterslide. It’s also the only castle on our list that could conceivably go off the grid, with mighty Generac Generators providing power and six wells that supply water.

Having House of the Dragon dreams? Got that Lord of the Rings longing? Here are 5 American castles that will feed your fantasies.

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