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5 Cheeky Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day… or Any Day

If you’re tired of the traditional flowers or brunch, check out these cheeky gifts for Mom from Malicious Women Candle Co. They ‘ll make her laugh all year round.

Gifts for mom

Are you wracking your brain and Googling to the ends of the earth trying to find gifts for mom that are unusual, unique, cool, and perhaps even a bit outrageous? What could be better than a gift that brings a smile, a little laughter, maybe even makes her ROFL?

Mom may have told you never to sass back, but these sassy candles just can’t be denied — they’re too much fun to resist. (And, you’re too old to be grounded. Win/Win!)

Not only that, but Malicious Women Candle Co.’s handcrafted soy candles are clean and green —they’re all organic, have cotton wicks and burn a whole 48-hours in a much cleaner way than traditional paraffin candles. So even if the saying on the front raises an eyebrow, the atmosphere will stay totally chill.

Plus, the vintage apothecary-style jars these cheeky gifts for mom come in can be used as home decor or can be recycled once the candle fully burns. There are over 150 candles to choose from, some more outrageous than others—and all come with a sassy name and message printed on the label. A number of them use words that you used to get punished for saying, so the one you pick all depends on your mom’s sense of humor.

Bonus: Each candle costs only $20!

Also, they all come from a female-owned company that also carries ethically-made cosmetics. apparel, jewelry, and more.

Cheeky Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day — or Any Day

A Candle For Karen 

Is your mom a secret Karen? Or maybe her name actually IS Karen and she’s over the whole trend. Here’s your chance to be a brat and really rub it in. Scent: HoneySUCKle is the perfect scent for this candle. And it’s even infused with the Tears of the Offended — just right (and so, so wrong) for any mom addicted to

Brains, Beauty & Booty 

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, right? And this one even has the word Mother on the label! Every mom needs an ego-boost every once in a while, so here’s your chance to do that and be a bit naughty at the same time. Scent: Cabernet All Day. Cheers!

Don’t Make Me Use My Mom Voice

Tart and juicy, this candle captures the irresistible flavor of backtalk in the form of fresh-cut pears blended with the earthy goodness of garden ivy. Scent: Pear and Ivy. Infused with “Your Last Warning” — but you don’t really mean that, do you, Mom? (Let’s find out…!)

She Believed She Could… But Was Really Tired (so she didn’t)

For all those times she said you were lazy… “in your face, Mom!” The sweet buttery vanilla scent will have kids crawling her house looking for the cupcakes it smells like she baked. Send those pesky kids back to the neighbor where they belong. Scent: Vanilla Cupcake. Infused with Naps and Snacks.

Not Today, Mansplainer

This one is for the mom who’s heard it all and fed the F up. Infused With “Well-Earned Confidence ” Scent: Take A Hike — which is wildflower, green moss, cedar, and pine. Spring has sprung, and so has Mom’s last nerve…let her smell the great outdoors without the hassle of that pesky exercise with a man at her elbow. Note: This one is a limited special edition, so if want it, get it while supplies last.


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If you’re tired of the traditional flowers or brunch, check out these cheeky gifts for Mom from Malicious Women Candle Co. They ‘ll make her laugh all year round.