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5 Eggsalent Easter Recipes — Bring the Spring to Your Table

If you’re into the themey side of holidays and are looking for something new, try one of these 5 fun Easter recipes — one has only 3 ingredients!

Easter recipes

Ah Spring! I time of freshness, a time to renew, a time to bring some color into your home via Easter recipes that range from the simple to the sublime.

In a hurry? Try the three ingredient Easter Birds Nest Cookies. Wanting to create a masterpiece that will blow all your family and friends away, and crown you the Queen of Cuisine to all who behold you? Try the Rainbow Jell-O Easter eggs.

And if you’re just wanting to spend a little eggstra effort to impress, whip up some Easter Chick Deviled Eggs, Peeps Lemon Bars or Gourmet Chocolate Eggs.

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5 Eggsalent Easter Recipes

Easter Chick Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are an Easter must-have; guests go wild for them! But this year, don’t just do the egg-spected presentation. Instead, follow this YouTuber’s lead and make your deviled eggs Easter themed! It’s a great project for the young ones to help out with, or to get your partner up off the couch.

Peeps Lemon Bars

If you hate these overly sweet marshmallow candies, try these Peeps copy-cat lemon bars! They look just like Peeps, but don’t have any of the marshmallow puff you might not be crazy about. The fresh lemon flavor of thesePeeps lemon bars is perfect for spring. Lemon is also a vibrant flavor to lighten up your palate after a heavy Easter dinner.

Rainbow Jell-O Easter Eggs

These are seriously sp-egg-tacular! They’ll take a bit of patience and time, but the end product is well worth it. If these rainbows look a little too adventurous and time-consuming, then stick to one flavor and color of Jell-O. They’ll still taste wonderful and look pretty for Easter Sunday.

Gourmet Chocolate Eggs

Make your Easter dinner soirée elegant with these homemade, gourmet chocolate Easter eggs. They make incredible embellishments to cakes and dessert tables. They also look gorgeous wrapped up individually and put at place settings on the dining room table. Feel free to go with your instincts when it comes to accoutrement. Pick pretty sprinkles, decadent chips, and even nuts for the inside and outside of these spectacular Easter eggs.

Easter Birds Nest Cookies

Get this look and taste by mixing chow mein noodles, chips, and chocolate candy eggs or jellybeans together. These can be done a few days ahead of time if stored in air-tight containers—making them ideal for busy hosts who have to prep lots of food.

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If you’re into the themey side of holidays and are looking for something new, try one of these 5 fun Easter recipes — one has only 3 ingredients!