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5 Fun Easter Treats From Great to Gruesome

Who says the best Easter candy is just for the kiddoes? Here are 5 fun Easter treats for all ages, from classic to craven.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz

We rounded up the 5 worst Easter candies, so it’s only fair we give our favorite bunny another chance to hop back into our good graces with the 5 fun Easter treats that could surprise and delight adults as well.

According to a recent blog and poll results published by even people who do not plan to celebrate Easter will still buy Easter candy (33% of them). Hey, any excuse to nosh on chocolate, right? We’ve found 5 fun Easter treats that make the indulgence that much sweeter.

5 Fun Easter Treats —Which Would You ReallyRather?

Cadbury Mini Eggs

A classic! Yes, you have many choices when it comes to candy-coated, chocolate-centered pastel eggs, but Cadbury is universally considered the crème-de-la-crème. According to a blind taste-test contest done by the fine folks at, Cadbury was the clear winner because of their creamiest chocolate and softest shell. Get a 2-pack for $16.46 at Amazon.

Vegan Eggcellence by Creek House

Here’s something for the more discerning Easter-treat connoisseur: an organic, fair trade, no-cow vegan dark chocolate bunny and half-egg. Feel-good, and tastes even better. These beautiful bittersweet chocolate truffles feature a rich and creamy non-dairy dark chocolate filling and are packed in a festive Easter garden box with lavender shred. $25.50 at Amazon.

Kinder Joy with a Surprise Toy

These Easter-themed Kinder Joy eggs come packaged in their very own carry-along basket—how’s that for delicious efficiency? What sets Kinder joy apart from your garden-variety chocolate egg is the fact there’s a surprise toy hidden inside each one. Kinder is the second largest chocolate brand in the world, owned by the Italian candy maker Ferrero, which means they taste just a bit more buono. A 6-pack of Sweet Cream Topped With Cocoa Wafer Bits sets you back $16.72 but it’s oh-so worth it!

Jelly Belly Chewy Easter Carrot

There’s a boatload of beans on the market in a variety of assortments that seem to multiply faster than a pair of rabbits, but the classic Jelly Belly brand beats them all in taste tests year after year. The makers of Jelly Belly candies really take their time to savor the flavor—according to the Jelly Belly website, it takes 7 to 21 days to make a single jelly bean! Try their cute carrot-shaped offering of tangerine treats for only $7 via Amazon.

Sugar Plum’s Zom-Bunny

Here’s one for those who like to snack on the dark (chocolate) side. Of course, the hollow milk chocolate rabbit is a forever favorite, but we have found a slightly different twist on the traditional treat. Okay, maybe it’s just plain twisted. But who can resist a bloodthirsty bunny bursting with brains and flavor? These zombie bunnies are available only from Sugar Plum for $40—which includes a Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny and his bloodied and headless victim. Deadly and delicious!

Now take a look at some recipes for creating your own fun Easter treats.

Who says the best Easter candy is just for the kiddoes? Here are 5 fun Easter treats for all ages, from classic to craven.