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5 Fabulous Facts About the Most Nominated Films of All Time — The Winner is…

We’ve got some dramatic and shocking facts about the most nominated films of all time. See who was an awards show stud, and who was a dud.

most nominated films of all time


Ever wonder how the most nominated films perform during the entire awards season? We certainly do cause we are cool like that. Just as the flowers in bloom signal spring, the red carpet rollouts single awards season. And the most prestigious awards show of all is right around the corner.

That’s right, it’s almost time for our favorite five words in the English language, “and the award goes to…” Though, for the record we would have also accepted, “Your Starbuck’s has been paid for,” as an alternative.

The Oscars are being buffed and prepped for their new homes. Think of all the mantels being dusted and the shelves in Hollywood anxiously awaiting new hardware! Remember, cause we are cool like that. And we’ve also seen, like, everything. Here’s a list of our five favorites that are being considered in 2022.

Sure, every year there are films that are solidified early on. Think Titanic and West Side Story (the 1961 version, not the 2021 film). But, even we were caught off guard with some surprising tidbits from our friends at USDish.

The satellite dish company gathered info from five different awards organizations: the Academy Awards (Oscars), the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), and the Critics Choice Awards.

A win in any one of the four can help solidify a Naked Gold Man come Oscar night. Keep in mind however. a win at one does not guarantee a win at another. With that in mind, here are some fabulous facts about the most nominated films of all time.

Most Nominated Films of All Time
Courtesy: USDish

Fabulous Facts About the Most Nominated Films of All Time

1. The King’s Speech

The 2010 story of King George VI and his rise to the throne of the British Empire in the late 30’s was an awards show darling at the BAFTA’s. While the heart of the movie is about the King’s stammering of speech, the film didn’t stutter at all with its four Academy Award statues.

Surprisingly however, The King’s Speech stammered a bit with its overall award count that year. Of the 45 total awards it was up for (the highest on the chart), the Colin Firth led movie won only 33% of the awards its was nominated for.


2. LaLa Land

In a city of stars, La La Land certainly had its day in the sun with 43 awards show nominations total. The Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone led movie danced its way to six Oscars in 2016. What’s more, the musical movie won 58% of the awards it was nominated for, making it the film that won the highest percentage of awards.

And here is another stone of knowledge thrown your way. Emma Stone and Leonardo DiCaprio are in three of the 20 movies listed on the chart.


3. The Shape of Water

The 2017 fish out of water movie hooked 43 total award nominations across the top five awards shows. The Shape of Water however was only able to reel in 28% of the nominations it was up for.

The movie starring Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, and Michael Shannon did take home as many Critics Choice Awards as it did Academy Awards with four each. Good job critics, good job. Full disclosure folks, there are members of the Really Rather staff who are voting members of the Critics Choice Awards.


4. Lincoln

Can we for a moment just revel in the mastery that is Daniel Day-Lewis? The 2012 Lewis led movie also scored 43 nominations from the five big orgs. Sadly however, the film’s high award total was shot to crap. Lincoln brought home less than one-fifth of the awards it was up for.

It did however bring an Oscar to its leading man. Lewis nabbed Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.


5. A Four-Way Tie

There are four movies that are tied for the most award-nominated films of all time. They are The Artist (2011), Shakespeare in Love (1998), Chicago (2002), and Twelve Years a Slave (2013) with 40 noms each.

Of the four. The Artist had the highest win percentage as it brought home half of the honors it was up for. Twelve Years a Slave took home 20% of its nominated awards.

6. Studs and Duds

Most nominated films of all time
Courtesy IMDB


La La Land  was the film that cleared the most wins with 58% of all the awards it was nominated for ending in a win. But, the film Gravity (2013) wasn’t far behind. The George Clooney and Sandra Bullock space movie took home 57% of its nominated awards.

The Netflix movie Mank racked up 35 nominations but brought home less than 10% of the awards it was up for. So much for the theory that awards shows love dancing.

We’ve got some dramatic and shocking facts about the most nominated films of all time. See who was an awards show stud, and who was a dud.