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What’s Old is New Again — Check Out the 5 Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

What exactly is Cottagecore, and which old styles are making a comeback? Find out in these top interior design trends for 2021.

Cottagecore top interior design trends for 2021

Things that happen outside the home often feel way beyond control, but inside the home? You got this!

Because we’re spending so much time within our own walls these days, many of us, like, massive numbers of us, have gotten into sprucing up our surroundings.

Nima Ghasri, Director at premiere real estate company Good Move, says: “Redesigning your home is an exciting process, and breathing new life into your home through new interior choices can be a great way to start a new year. What’s more, if you have the time, capacity and funds, redesigning your home can be a great lockdown project.”

Good Move has gallantly offered to help you find out what design tactics your neighbors will be employing this year, and give you some good ideas for your own living space. Check out Good Move’s recently revealed

5 top Interior Design Trends for 2021


1.      Get creative with color

top interior design trends for 2021

A splash of color can totally revive a room and is an easy way to change up the style.

Pantone has chosen two colors for their Color of the Year 2021, basically shades of yellow and gray, which they describe as independent yet complementary, so it might be worth trying to incorporate these shades more into your home if you can.

If that doesn’t sound like you, earthy tones are also on the rise for 2021 thanks to ‘Brave Ground’, a warm and neutral beige, taking the crown as Dulux’s colour of the year. Combining this with neutral accessories and appliances creates a charming warmth across your home office, living room, and/or bedroom.

2.      Nordic minimalism

top interior design trends for 2021

It’s back! Or perhaps it never really left. A firm favorite, Nordic minimalism collates all the positive elements that have made Scandinavian interiors so popular.

It’s all about clean lines, muted colors and uncomplicated living, and is particular suited to smaller spaces – great if you live in an apartment or shared space.

To recreate Nordic minimalism in your home, make use of natural light, greenery and neutral tones. Styling according to the essence of hygge, the Danish feeling of comfortable contentment (not dissimilar to practicing Feng Shui), will also heavily promote Nordic minimalism and cosiness in your surroundings.

3.      Cottagecore Chic

Cottagecore top interior design trends for 2021

If you’re into Bridgerton and anything Austen-related, this is the aesthetic for you.

Cottagecore has become more popular within the last few years with an emphasis on soft tones, repurposed materials, and agricultural aesthetics.

Add a touch of cottagecore and achieve your farmhouse fantasy, fill your home with rustic woods, metals, and rich fabrics. If mindfulness and serenity are priorities, especially within a work-from-home office environment, combine neutrals with natural elements and leafy greens.

4.      Vintage

top interior design trends for 2021

While many home interior styles come and go, vintage styles are elegant and timeless, and will see you throughout 2021.

Easy ways to execute a vintage feel in your home involve your choice of accessories, fabrics, and color palette. Think rustic antiques, repurposed retro, and just about anything considered classic chic. Upcylcing old furniture is also a great way of breathing new life into your space, and is a great task to help fill in your time at home.

5.      Shabby Chic

top interior design trends for 2021

Want your home to ooze elegance and comfort? Who doesn’t? There’s a reason shabby chic is making a comeback.

Somewhat of a toned down vintage style, this is another timeless trend that offers a sense of luxury which can be achieved by a combination of both new and vintage pieces.

Add personality to your home with some antique decorative accessories, such as an aged chandelier or some worn furniture that has a little wear and tear. The key here is to make sure they only look distressed and are, in fact, going to last.

“We all have our own individual style and our homes are the perfect place to express that creativity. Our homes should reflect who we are and hopefully these ideas and tips will help you get excited about redesigning your home for 2021,” says Ghasri.

What exactly is Cottagecore, and which old styles are making a comeback? Find out in these top interior design trends for 2021.