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Beauty Expert Vince Spinnato Dishes on 5 Ways to Eat and Drink Yourself Pretty

Cosmetic chemist Vince Spinnato reveals that beauty is way more than skin deep, and gives tips on how to glow from the inside out.

Cosmetic chemist and “certified nose,” Vince Spinnato knows a thing or two about beauty, with a career spanning over 25 years in the personal care, cosmetic and fine fragrance industries.

Considered a consummate expert in his field, Spinnato has been a contributor to Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Esquire, GQ, Whole Foods Magazine, Health News Digest and more.

His list of celebrity clients is equally impressive, and includes Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood, Victoria Beckham, Seth MacFarlane, Jessica Simpson, Michael Jordon, and Lindsay Lohan.

As President & CEO of TurnKey Beauty, VS Vincenzo Ltd., and Vincenzo Skincare, Spinnato has formulated and developed hundreds of products for skin and hair care, color cosmetics, bath and body and fine fragrances, as well as baby products, pet products, and an energy drink! Check out his newest luxury product, Caviar & Diamond, an ultra upscale gift set of four luxe products that will set you back a mere $1,499.99.

But you can now get help from Spinnato that’s a wee bit more cost effective. You’ll find plenty of advice (as well as laughs and surprises) in his recently released memoir, My Pursuit of Beauty: A Cosmetic Chemist Reveals The Glitz, The Glam and The Batsh*t Crazy, for only $16.99 on Amazon.

Vince Spinnato

And while you’re waiting for the book to arrive, you won’t want to miss this ReallyRather exclusive on what we should and shouldn’t eat and drink to make our hair and skin absolutely glow. Behold:

Vince Spinnato Dishes on 5 Great Ways to Eat and Drink Yourself Pretty

Vince Spinatto

1. Avoid too much processed food and alcohol

Surprise! You may be eating and drinking your way to wrinkled skin! Consuming too much alcohol and eating mostly processed foods, along with smoking and excessive stress, can cause wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and just about everywhere else. “The most important tip I have is to get rid of the habits in your life that promote wrinkling!” says Spinnato.

2. Nourish your skin with natural, fresh foods

Provide vital nutrients to your skin by eating healthy, plant-based nutritious foods that promote rejuvenation like grapes, avocados, olives, kelp, honey and passion fruit. If needed, add a natural multivitamin. Avoid chemically engineered products.

4. Eat lots of protein

Since protein is the building block of hair, your diet should contain lots fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, find the right substitutes. Protein will make the shaft of your hair stronger and reduce of damage through snapping and splitting.

5. Drink plenty of water

Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair, and up to 60% of the entire body. Really! Moisture can make the hair supple, silky and shiny, rid the skin of toxins, and can give you a more radiant glow.

3. Stock up on vitamins and minerals

Fish oil supplements help improve the condition of the skin by making it shine and glow. Iron helps carry oxygen. Zinc can help prevent hair loss. Copper optimizes your natural color. Vitamin A, found particularly in carrots, will give you a healthy scalp. Vitamin B and C are important for good circulation, hair growth, plus strong and supple hair and color. Try getting your vitamins and minerals naturally, from sources like fruit, vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk and bread.

Vince Spinatto

Cosmetic chemist Vince Spinnato reveals that beauty is way more than skin deep, and gives tips on how to glow from the inside out.