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Coffee in Tea Bags – The Taste Test Reveals They’re a Must Try

We spill the beans on a newer no-machine coffee company that serves up full-flavored coffee in tea bags.

5 Coffee in Tea Bags
Photo: Mike Kenneally

Coffee in tea bags? That can’t be a thing right? Well, it certainly can’t be a good thing.


We were skeptical too. If you are like us and you consume nearly as much coffee as you do oxygen then you know a good cup of joe is harder to find than a winning lotto ticket.

Finding a good cup of liquid gold that is a breeze to brew and easy on the environment? Well, that is almost as good as a winning lotto ticket—almost.

Our friends at Steeped Coffee know how crucial a cup of coffee is. They came up with a concept for an eco-friendly coffee with phenomenal taste that can be brewed without a machine. Enter the idea of coffee in a completely compostable tea bag. The simplest ideas are usually the best, and this is certainly the case for their line of coffees that are made right here in America.

They created a coffee with a long list of positive attributes. First, the coffee is ethically sourced directly from farmers. Each single-served bag is nitro sealed removing all oxygen and stopping the clock on freshly ground beans. Fresh beans make for a more flavorful cup. The packaging is made with plant-based renewable and compostable materials. And perhaps our favorite trait, all you need is water – no machines are required.

According to, Americans drink an average of 3.2 cups of coffee a day. They go on to say that we actually drink more coffee than we do water. Here in our offices, we put that number to shame. So, we could not wait to have our self-titled Really Rather official taste testers act as their own barista try it for themselves. The testers were given each of the five roasts, some hot water and told to pour out their points of view. Each tester is a long time coffee connoisseur with different flavor and coffee preferences.

The five brews included in the test were Odyssey, Breakwater, California, Sunrise and Eventide roasts. Below is more on each roast along with our testers’ opinions.

5 coffee in tea bags
Photo: Steeped Coffee

5 Gourmet Flavors of Steeped Coffee in Teabags

1. Odyssey Blend – Dark Roast

5 Coffee in Tea Bags
Photo: Steeped Coffee


Description: Characterized by its deep structure and full body, the Odyssey Blend yields a dark chocolate flavor and caramelized sweetness for the most inviting of journeys. This dessert-like extended-roast uses high-grown, high-density Latin American specialty coffee to achieve its smooth and consistent profile that is both forgiving and well rounded.

Tester Thoughts: Our tester L.M., identified with initials only, described the dark roast as “full bodied and bold.” T.G. thought the Odyssey Blend was “earthly and sharp.” For coffee lover J.M., the blend was “a little overwhelming.”


2. Breakwater Blend – Organic Fresh Roast

5 coffee in tea bag
Photo: Steeped Coffee

Description: Smooth and steady, the Breakwater Organic French Roast blends notes of caramelized sugar and smooth smoke in a silky-bodied and organic certified treasure.

Tester Thoughts: This brew was enjoyed by and complimented on by all of our testers. T.G. says Breakwater is “a clean and crispy way to start your day.” J.M. really enjoyed this and described it as a “flavorful international jolt.” While L.M. described it as, “a good breakfast blend. A nice wake up cup of coffee.”

3. California Blend – Medium Roast

5 coffee in tea bags
Photo: Steeped Coffee

Description: Classically inspired, the California Blend is sweet, attractive, and offers the promise of an enjoyable experience. Always welcoming, the balanced acidity and chocolaty body are complemented with aromas of dessert-like sweetness and toasted coconut year around.

Tester Thoughts: L.M. liked both the flavor and the smell describing it as having a “light, sweet, nutty flavor with the best aroma.” T.G. said it was a “classical smooth cup of coffee that could be enjoyed by all.” Really Rather taste tester J.M. called it “nutty.”

4. Sunrise Blend – Light Roast

5 coffee in tea bags
Photo: Steeped Coffee

Description: The perfect way to start your day right, Sunrise Blend beautifully balances the subtle complexity of cocoa with hints of fruit peeking through. This washed coffee from the Huila region of Columbia is a mix of Castillo and Caturra varieties, pulling together these delicate layers of dark and light.

Tester Thoughts: Our testers best describe this as an average cup of joe. L.M. said it was, “not as full bodied as the others. This is a gentler blend.” T.G. said it was “a good starter cup of coffee.” While J.M. said the Sunrise Blend was, “earthy as earth. But I suspect it would grow on me.”

5. Eventide Blend – Decaf Roast

5 Coffee in tea bags
Photo: Steeped Coffee

Description: 100% Swiss Water processed with no chemicals, this single origin decaf has balanced low-toned flavors with just a hint of fruitiness to tie the whole experience together. And besides being delicious on its own, adding cream and sugar only accentuates the molasses-like characteristics.

Tester Thoughts: The Eventide was an even split for our testers. L.M. said it was “light and fruity from the first sip to the last drop. But it’s obviously decaf.” J.M. said it was, “a pleasant respite sans buzz.” And tester T.G. was less forgiving saying they, “didn’t care for the smell.”

A good cup of coffee can make or break your day. See what our testers had to say about the new eco-friendly company that puts coffee in tea bags.