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Stay Zen and Fit at Home With These 5 Free YouTube Yoga Channels

Need some variety in your home workout routine? Is extra motivation in order? These five free YouTube yoga channels could help you change things up. 

Free YouTube Yoga Channels
Photo by Sippakorn Yamkasikorn

Staying centered, fit and fuzz-brain-free at home can be a struggle. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal yoga expert available to motivate you at any time of the day or night? Well guess what — a great variety of yoga experts and instructors are as close as your laptop — and many are free on YouTube!

But there are hundreds of yoga instructors and choices. Sorting through them can be a workout in  itself. To make it easier on you, we’ve selected five of the best free yoga streaming channels, geared towards relaxing, easing pain, creating a schedule or just starting your day on an upbeat tone — and of course they’ll help keep you in shape as well. 

5 Free YouTubeYoga Channels

1. Sarah Beth Yoga

What’s one of the most difficult aspects of working out? For us, it’s keeping a routine going. The Sara Beth Yoga YouTube channel not only gives you free access to yoga videos, but it helps plan your time so you don’t skip too often. There are videos that fit within any length of time you have, allowing you to sneak in a workout just before dinner or before you start working. It’s an easy way to squeeze your daily yoga workout into your everyday routine. 

2. Brett Larkin Yoga

Are you a yoga newbie? The Brett Larkin Yoga channel is great for beginners who are interested in working up their experience. These are Kundalini Yoga videos, which include singing and humming in an effort to incorporate your conscious awareness. For many it can be overwhelming to start yoga, but this channel will guide you toward the right path.

3. Ali Kamenova Yoga

If you’re looking for a yoga class that plays upbeat music and gives you an energy rush, Ali Kamenova Yoga is a great option. Her videos utilize faster moves that keep you on your toes and get you into shape. The music is contemporary but catchy and fun to sing along to. There are also classes centered around your astrological sign, making for an even more personalized style.

4. Tara Stiles Yoga Channel

Struggling with insomnia, headaches or back pains? The Tara Stiles Yoga channel has classes that focus on all of these areas. You can find classes that cater your specific physical or mental needs to help get you through the week. We love the fact that it’s an all-in-one yoga class that can make life a little easier and more comfortable. 

5. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is one of the highest quality free YouTube yoga channels. How can a community of 8 million subscribers be wrong? There are classes for just about every yoga interest — even focusing on strengthening areas for runners! Talk about all inclusive! 


Need some variety in your home workout routine? Is extra motivation in order? These five free YouTube yoga channels could help you change things up.