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5 Things You Need to Know About Traveling With CBD

Can I take CBD on a plane? Can I cross state lines with CBD? Here are 5 essential things you should know about traveling with CBD

Traveling with CBD
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So during the past year, you’ve found how CBD can help with sleep, stress and pain. Now that so many restrictions are being lifted, you’re ready to finally get out of the house and do some traveling.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the oil found in the stem of hemp plants. THC, or the substance that makes you “high,” is extracted from CBD products.

But you may wonder, although CBD is legal in all 50 states, because it’s derived from hemp, a member off the cannabis family, is traveling with CBD okay? Are there different rules and restrictions in different states? Can I even take it/use it on a plane?

Ed Donnelly, founder of AmourCBD, has all the answers. He’s an established health care executive who has been involved with CBD since 2016, when his wife began experiencing chronic back pain after a bad fall.

They found that CBD was a tremendously effective, natural way of treating her pain, but became aware that with no FDA monitoring and unregulated amounts of THC, many of the products on the market were substandard and defective. So Ed decided to use his own extensive expertise, with input from other topnotch professionals, in creating his own brand, AmourCBD.

He was gracious enough to answer all of ReallyRather’s questions about traveling with CBD. Hey, many of us use it ourselves, get great results, and don’t want to leave home without it!

5 Things You Need to Know About Traveling with CBD

traveling with cod

1. CBD may soothe travel jitters

Why would travelers want to bring CBD along? Various studies have shown that CBD can be used to help alleviate symptoms associated with insomnia, anxiety, and some muscle pains. Whatever your fear may be, whether its of heights, flying in general, or uneasiness during turbulence, consuming products like AmourCBD’s gummies can help relieve the stress. Not enough legroom or stiff muscles? AmourCBD’s Pain Relief Cream also has an active ingredient of lidocaine which helps soothe discomfort quickly, and without residual smells. If you want to combat jet lag or simply want to rest on a long flight, travelers can also use CBD in place of products like melatonin.

2. CBD products with less than .3 % THC are legal in all 50 states

Hemp’s classification changed under the 2018 Farm Bill so it is no longer considered a controlled substance, thus making consumption, production, and transportation across state lines legal. In order to be sold as legal CBD, products have to meet very strict requirements. For one, the THC percentage in the product cannot be higher than 0.3% otherwise it can be considered marijuana which is yet to be legalized on a federal level.

3. Always check for THC in CBD products

Be sure to double check the ingredients of your CBD products before travel. As previously mentioned, CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are federally legal, but CBD products containing higher doses of THC can vary in legality by state. Especially when traveling to or from a state where marijuana is legal, make sure to check your CBD products for their THC levels.

4. Make sure your products are TSA compliant when traveling with CBD

Like most hygienic products such as makeup and lotions, the TSA requires that any products (including those infused with CBD) in carry-on luggage do not exceed 3.4 oz and are stored in a resealable, clear one-quart bag. Anything greater than 3.4 oz has to be stowed away in checked luggage. Additionally, CBD products do not need to be declared at the airport during domestic travel as they are federally legal in the United States.

5. International Travel Guidelines 

When traveling internationally, CBD regulations can become a bit less straightforward. While it is legal to travel with CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC domestically in the United States, other countries have different laws regarding CBD use. Before bringing CBD products along for international travel, check on the regulations of the country you are traveling to in order to ensure you are abiding by that country’s laws. If you are unsure, professionals suggest leaving CBD products at home since many countries have stricter CBD-related drug laws than the United States.

Can I take CBD on a plane? Can I cross state lines with CBD? Here are 5 essential things you should know about traveling with CBD.