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Coming to Las Vegas? 5 Reasons to Catch Harry Potter Spoof POTTED POTTER

Now that shows of all kinds are opening again, you won’t want to miss POTTED POTTER, a production that will send both kids and adults ROFL

Potted Potter, Frankie Feldman

The first thing you must know about the outrageously entertaining Las Vegas stage show Potted Potter is that it has nothing to do with weed, despite the word ‘pot’ in the title.

Potted Potter, Frankie FeldmanOnce you get past that misnomer, you and the kids are in for a world of uproarious, good, clean fun, something that many Vegas outsiders never realized existed in this part of the Wild West.

We admit we were surprised when we sat down in The Magic Attic showroom inside Balley’s Las Vegas for a press performance of the show, fully titled: Potted Potter:The Unauthorized Harry Potter Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff. We’re not exactly what you would call Harry Potter aficionados, yet we were giggling the whole way through.

The show, first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival 15 years ago, teams a couple of comedic British actors with exceptional timing, James Edwards and Nicholas Charles, in a lightening paced production that combines all seven books into 70 outrageous minutes. It includes favorite characters, perfect Potter props, and even a live Quidditch game! We about fell off our broomsticks!

We can’t wait to take all our young Las Vegas visitors to see it! Here are:

5 Reasons You Should See Potted Potter

Potted Potter, Frankie Feldman

You don’t have to know anything about Harry Potter to enjoy it

Even those among us who have never read a Harry Potter book in their lives (and we are guilty as charged, although we’ve seen every movie) will be consummately entertained, because it’s taken from the perspective of the ultimate Harry Potter nerd and his buddy, who’s never read a page of the seven book series, and is trying to fake it. Their antics are hilarious.

Great for the whole family

No scantily clad show girls, no off-color jokes in this Las Vegas stage show, it’s just these two guys and their wacky props goofing on stage. If you worry about your child being able to sit still for 70 minutes, have no fear! There’s a strategically placed Quidditch game where everyone is on their feet “playing,” and multiple bits where the audience is encouraged to shout at the stage.

Potted Potter is convenient and reasonably priced

It plays inside The Magic Attic showroom at Bally’s Las Vegas, Monday through Sunday at 8:00 pm (dark Wednesday) with matinee performances Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 pm.Ticket prices range from $49.99 to $99.99 + taxes and fees. Compared to a lot of other Vegas shows, it’s a steal! And if you live in the area, it’s the perfect birthday or special occasion treat for your little Potter fan.

It’s very well reviewed

We’re not the only ones who are enamored of the show. Prior to the production’s shutdown due to COVID in 2020, in their first six months on the Strip, Potted Potter garnered two Best of Las Vegas awards – “Best New Production” (Gold) and “Best Value Show” (Bronze). The Las Vegas Review Journal said: “You can’t help but laugh through this farcical send-up of the seven Harry Potter books.”

Frankie Feldman highly recommends it

Potted Potter, Frankie FeldmanWho knew Frankie Feldman was such a Harry Potter fan? We didn’t, until he appeared by the door in full Potter regalia, begging to be taken along. Stars James and Nick were so enamored of him they promised to write him into the show, or at least have him on hand for the occasional meet and greet. He works cheap. This former Hollywood Hound is adapting to life as the Las Vegas Labradoodle just fine.





Now that shows of all kinds are opening again, you won’t want to miss POTTED POTTER, a production that will send both kids and adults ROFL