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Netflix And Spill — Top 5 Thirstiest Netflix Shows

You might be surprised who tops this liquid list of the booziest characters on Netflix!

Thirstiest Netflix Shows

It’s a fact: we’ve all spent a lot more time watching Netflix recently. If many of us are being honest, we can’t think of a better way to ignore the world outside than to binge of our favorite shows and a raise a toast or two in the process. You can even get someone to bring you those cocktails to your door.)

The fine folks at The Bottle Club know it’s no fun to drink alone, so they tallied the tipples on some of Netflix’s most popular shows and put together a list of which are the thirstiest Netflix shows, and which characters are most likely to join you in a toast (or several…).

Top 5 Thirstiest Netflix Shows


Bridgerton took the top spot in the study as the booziest Netflix series, indulging in 307,910ml of alcohol during the first season. While The Bottle Club made sure to count non-alcoholic drinks, the extravagant party scenes and the Bridgerton siblings’ wild escapades meant that 96% of the drinks featured in the show were alcoholic. Bridgerton also consumed the most units out of the TV shows they looked at, with a whopping 3909.3 units drunk.

Who will drink with you? The Duke of Hastings himself, Simon Basset, can’t resist a good clink of the glass. Cheers!

The Witcher

One of Netflix’s biggest book-to-TV adaptations, The Witcher, makes drinks disappear like magic. The first season saw an estimated total of 311 drinks downed and a combined 24 minutes of imbibing across the series.

Who will drink with you? Geralt of Rivia likes all kinds of potions.


You, a suspenseful show about a charming stalker, is a bona fide Netflix binge-phenomenon and we cannot wait for Season 3 (due sometime this year). While wine was the most popular drink in the series, the show’s characters also loved a cocktail—with the Old Fashioned and a Pornstar Martini both making appearances (and quick disappearances down those thirsty throats).

Who will drink with you? Beck loves her wine and the occasional mixed drink.


Ozark is a captivating crime drama with lots of wow moments, and after bingeing the entire series, we’re not surprised some of these characters enjoy a stiff drink. The Bottle Club’s data shows that Ozark had the most branded alcohol placement, with over 20% of drinks featured being identified as a specific brand, the most popular being Budweiser.

Who will drink with you? Marty Bryde is partial to either a beer or a strong whiskey.

Sex Education

Netflix’s funny yet poignant coming-of-age series Sex Education saw 40 million viewers in the month following the premiere of its first season. While you might expect the biggest drinkers to be the likes of bad girl Maeve Wiley, or head boy Jackson Marchetti, it’s actually the sex therapist!

Who will drink with you? Dr. Jean Milburn can’t say no to a nice glass of wine.

Total units consumed across the most-watched Netflix series of 2020:

  1. Bridgerton – 3903.3
  2. The Witcher – 776.5
  3. You – 581.4
  4. Ozark – 300.6
  5. Sex Education – 226
  6. Never Have I Ever – 232.9
  7. Money Heist – 139.3
  8. Ratched – 106.9
  9. The Queen’s Gambit – 110.2
  10. The Umbrella Academy – 23.3

If you find yourself craving a drink while you’re watching, it may be because the characters on these thirstiest Netflix shows drink—a lot.