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What is a Sound Bath and Why Will I Love It?

Even if you’ve heard of this ancient Tibetan art, you might still be wondering what is a Sound Bath. Here’s what it can do for you.

what is a sound bath

Being immersed in anything cool, calm and relaxing sounds great right about now, doesn’t it? But the concept of being dipped in something ethereal like sound might seem a little confusing to those who aren’t familiar with the concept.

Many of those who have tried it, however, swear by a sound bath’s ability to foster a variety of positive outcomes, enhancing wellness in ways some people thought impossible without the aid of pharmaceuticals.

Sound and meditation healers Jahna and Michael Perricone explained to ReallyRather what is a Sound Bath all about. Michael is a Master Tibetan Singing Bowl Artist and a professional sound engineer who has worked on countless movies and TV shows. Jahna is a professional vocalist, voice teacher and UCLA Certified Mindfulness Coach.

“Music and sound as healing tools have long been known to support wellness and well-being, dating back to ancient times,” says Jahna. “Today, singing bowls have been scientifically proven to enhance wellness.”

So what is a Sound Bath exactly? Michael explains, “Our Sound Baths blend carefully combined tones of 300-600-year-old Ancient Tibetan singing bowls from the Himalayan region, healing instruments and etheric voice to deeply calm and synchronize the mind and body.” The video below gives you an example:

After watching only a few minutes of the video, you can tell that this is pretty relaxing stuff. Here are:

5 Ways the Ways the Sound Bath Can Refresh Your Spirit

1. It deeply relaxes the body and mind. The Sound Bath employs carefully crafted tones that gently massage the body on a cellular level. Sound waves create vibrations in the cells just like vibrations that cause ripples in the water.

2. It enhances creativity. Sound Bath meditations are “open” meditations which are scientifically proven to enhance parts of the brain that deal with creative thought. The longer you listen the more creative you get.

3.  It calms. A Sound Bath creates theta brain states which can enhance creativity while deepening states of receptive calm.

4.  It helps to alleviate chronic pain. Singing bowls and other soothing music activate pathways that compete with pain pathways.

5. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate. There’s evidence that singing bowls can lower blood pressure and heart rate because the sounds activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the body that regulates rest, causing muscles to relax, breathing to slow, and blood pressure and heart rate to descend.

Jahna and Michael realize it may sound a little too good to be true. Even they’re surprised by the results of their Sound Baths, at times. “Even though we know the studies, we’re always amazed at people’s responses after the Sound Bath experience,” says Jahna. “We’ve had several people tell us that their chronic pain was completely removed during and after the Sound Bath. Others have described vibrant and healing colors flowing through their bodies, and still others relate how they felt so relaxed it was like they were traveling through time and space.”

Try out various Sound Baths for yourself at Michael and Jahna’s YouTube channel. We’re particularly fond of their Pure Bowls of Sleep — it puts us right out. As a matter of fact, one of us left the video on while she was writing this post, then woke up 20 minutes later with her face planted on her keyboard.


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Even if you’ve heard of this ancient Tibetan art, you might still be wondering what is a Sound Bath. Here’s what it can do for you.