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5 Gifts from Cozy Earth Bamboo — Oprah is Never Wrong

If you’re looking for a prezzie that anyone would love, check out these super soft and sustainable Cozy Earth Bamboo products.

Cozy Earth Bamboo products

We’d been hearing about these oh so soft bamboo sheets, towels and loungewear for over a year now, and we couldn’t help but wonder why there was so much hype over Cozy Earth bamboo products.

Sure, they’ve been high on the Oprah’s Favorite Things list for several years running, but had anyone we actually knew ever tried them?

Come to find out, we were about the only ones who hadn’t. Many of our friends, family members and colleagues we’re dedicated to them. “Of course we love our Cozy Earth sheets, towels, etc. You mean you don’t have any?” They asked. “It’s about time you indulged yourself!”

So when the Cozy Earth people contacted me and offered to send me some free samples, who was I to turn them down?

To be honest, we were so overwhelmed with their softness, their ability to keep us warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, their durability and sustainability, we became a converts and started ordering (and actually paying for) some Cozy Earth products for ourselves and to share with others.

We also put them on our Christmas gift lists, and they’ll show up again on lists for birthdays and Mothers Day (depending on what we already have when those dates roll around.

Below find a list of the five favorite Cozy Earth Bamboo products that we’ve tried. Can’t wait to try the rest!

5 Favorite Cozy Earth Bamboo Products

Bamboo Sheets Set

Cozy Earth Bamboo productsMade with 100% Viscose from Bamboo, Oprah described them as the “softest EVER.” The breathable and moisture-wicking fabric feels cooler than cotton yet warmer than flannel, and the enhanced weave prevents pilling and helps them last longer. We’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping, and we slept right through the night the first time, and almost every time we’ve lain our heads to rest on these delightfully smooth and soft pillow cases.

Price: From about $200 to $400, depending on size and specials, which are frequently offered.

Bamboo Towels

Cozy Earth Bamboo productsHate to admit it, but we’ve been using some of the same towels we got as wedding presents 15 years ago. High time for new ones, right? But you have to be careful about the ones you order online, because you can’t touch them, and really have no idea how soft they are, or if they’re absorbent and have that fluffy weight we love so much in our bath linens. Suffice it to say that these get high marks in all categories.

Price: Best to get them in bundles, that could run from $35 to $450, depending on size and specials, which are frequently offered.

Bamboo Loungewear

Cozy Earth Bamboo productsSearching for the comfiest, coziest loungewear for both men and women? Look no further. We were sent the Women’s Bamboo Joggers and the Women’s Ultra Soft Bamboo Crew, and the men our our lives thought they looked and felt so great they insisted we order them some for Christmas. We wanted to try the hoodies too, but found they were out of stock. How will we ever be able to wait?

Price: From about $50 to $145, again, depending on sales and special offers.

Bamboo Socks

Cozy Earth Bamboo productsThe perfect stocking stuffers or more cost effective gifts, these 73% Polyester, 25% Viscose from Bamboo, 2% Elastane-made socks are deliciously soft soft and durable. We love how they keep their shapes and never seem to stretch out! They come in packs of three in varying colors. This holiday they’ve been offered as freebies with other purchases, and they’ve also been on sale at 45% off.

Price: From $0 to $48

Bamboo Pajamas

Cozy Earth Bamboo productsOprah raves about these bamboo pajamas as well. They’re made for both men and women in different styles, including shorts, long and short sleeve pajama tops, and various types of pants, all are super soft and washable. Select from colors including Heather Gray, Ivory, Navy, Black, Blush, Olive, Pomegranite and more.

Price: From around $56 to $129.50 for a set, on sale.

If you’re looking for a prezzie that anyone would love, check out these super soft and sustainable Cozy Earth Bamboo products.