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Step Out in Style in These 5 Fabulous Comfy High Heels

No more having to choose between looking good and feeling good in these 5 stylish examples of incredibly comfy high heels. You won’t believe how cute they are!

comfy high heels

When you open your closet these days, you probably look longingly at your towering collection of sexy stilettos—but we bet you’re also secretly relieved you no longer have to deal with constant chafing, pinching pain and twisted toes.

Studies show women were actually sidestepping uncomfortable footwear before the pandemic. This is due to the rise in popularity of athleisure wear among Millennial and Gen Z professionals who redefined the term “business casual” with their preference for stylish sneakers and bodacious ballet flats.

But what if you actually are longing, with all your heart-and-sole, to jump back into your high heels? We’ve found five fab footwear contenders you must try:

5 Fabulous Examples of Comfy High Heels


Pashion Footwear D’Orsay Luxe

When we saw these sweet shoes on Shark Tank, we were immediately intrigued: Heels to flats in seconds? Two pairs of shoes in one? Yes, please. It’s truly high (heel) tech: Tired of the lift? Just bend down, twist off the heels, and viola!—you’re in flats that still match your outfit. Their Stelo™ support system creates the needed structure for a heel when inserted, but when removed, the memory foam midsole provides flat arch support. So brilliant, you’ll feel like dancing. They’re not inexpensive, however. Prices run from $140 to $200.


Söfft Ophia Sandal

When it comes to comfy high heels, chuck the wood platform. According to foot doctors, it’s best to choose a shoe made from cork or raffia instead, as these materials are actually cushy. This shoe has the look of a wood sole, but it’s made of the softer synthetic stuff. This Söfft Ophia Sandal has wide straps, which stabilize the ankle keeping you from tipping over even while tiptoeing. And they’re also a cushy deal! Only $36.30 on Amazon!


YDN Kitten Low Heels

These are the cat’s meow! Low heels can still be sexy, and they’re kind to your tootsies because they are well below the podiatrist-recommended height of three inches and below. For every inch over three, stress to the foot and body increases dramatically. One of the greatest things about these YDN Kittens is that they come in about a zillion different colors. $79.98 on Amazon.


Tom’s Marisole

Tom’s fashion-forward espadrille wedge sandal is designed with an adjustable ankle strap, an OrthoLite® insole for long-lasting comfort and a super-stable rubber outsole for added traction. Soft leather and suede are the most pliable, forgiving materials for the foot, and a platform is the kindest when it comes to lower back pain. Gotta love it. $79.95 on Toms.


Aerosoles Octagon Heel Pumps

These pretty pumps are carefully constructed with Aerosoles’ own Heel Rest technology, meaning it distributes body weight towards your heel, so the ball of your foot doesn’t bear the burden. These babies are also stuffed with memory foam, arch support, and breathable lining. And they’re totally Instagram-worthy! #cute $24.50 – $132.99 on Amazon.

When fashion authority Glossy reported that high heels sales dropped a whopping 71% in 2020 it hardly came as a surprise, given the fact that most of us have been in socks or slippers for the past year. But the question remains: Will we ever go back to pretty-but-painful spikes now that we’ve sampled the blissfully blister-free life in comfy high heels? …Will you?

No more having to choose between looking good and feeling good in these 5 stylish examples of incredibly comfy high heels. You won’t believe how cute they are!