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5 Mind Blowing Back to Work / Back to School Meals

Quick and easy back to work / back to school meals just got a whole lot healthier and tastier thanks to Freeli

back to work / back to school meals, Freeli

We are so excited about these quick and healthy back to work / back to school meals we’re running an entire article on them, and believe it or not, this is not an ad or paid content. Full disclosure, we did receive samples of all five delicious flavors. How else could we rave about them?

Just try and wrap your head around this: Freeli Foods has come up with an on-the-go meal solution that tastes homemade, is full of protein, and comes in a juice-pack like pouch that’s convenient and mess free. What more could a busy person ask?

back to work / back to school meals, FreeliAll you have to do is heat the pouch for 45 seconds and pour the the contents into a bowl. If you (or your child) doesn’t have access to a heating unit, just heat it up at home then squeeze it into a thermos. That should do you for a nice hot lunch that won’t smell up the office fridge or tempt others who like to help themselves.

Concerned about the packaged/processed food factor? Know that these protein-filled meals are made with wholesome ingredients including antibiotic-free meats, real cheese, veggies, and whole grains. They’re cooked fresh in big kettles at temperatures that don’t destroy the nutritional value of the food. They contain no or low added sugar, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and are low in saturated fat and sodium.

And if packaging is an issue for you, get this: Once you’re done devouring the contents, Freeli has a partnership with Terracycle where you can request a free recycling envelope for the BPA-free pouches.

So without further ado, here are the five crazy good flavors:

5 Back to Work — Back to School Meals That Will Blow You Away

back to work / back to school meals. Freeli

  • Mac & Cheese – Made with farm-fresh, super-creamy cheddar and American cheeses and little protein-rich durum wheat pasta tubes. 
  • Pasta & Meat Sauce – A meal of al dente pasta, rich tomato sauce, hearty cooked beef, and parmesan cheese.
  • Chicken Noodle – The favorite homemade chicken noodle soup gets a thicker, chunkier, even more delicious upgrade with tender chicken breast, egg noodles, English sweet peas, and garden carrots. 
  • Chicken Teriyaki – Tender chicken, brown rice and veggies in an authentic sweet teriyaki sauce. This is one of our personal favorites.
  • Burrito Bowl – Dig into this delicious “burrito-bowl-in-a-pouch” with all your favorite flavors in one easy package including savory black beans, brown rice and Monterey Jack cheese! We saved the best for last —great tasting Mexican food with none of the unhealthy components. Que rico!

Want to get some of these tasty  meals for your very own? They’re available in the refrigerated section at retailers nationwide including
select Kroger locations,
Fresh Thyme and Bristol Farms, with new stores added daily. Also available at, where you can order a 20-meal box for $49.95 and free shipping!

Quick and easy back to work / back to school meals just got a whole lot healthier and tastier thanks to Freeli