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Retro Trends: 5 Tips for Wearing Vintage Inspired Fashion 

Vintage inspired fashion seems to be sweeping the media these days. If trying retro trends intimidates you, our tips will help you nail it.

Vintage inspired fashion, retro trends

It seems everywhere you look these days you see vintage inspired fashion — current styles inspired by beautiful historical clothing, from the fabulous fifties ensembles in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to the elegant regency dresses of Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Bridgerton. With so much gorgeous clothing of yesteryear flooding our screens, it’s no wonder that vintage fashion is trending.

But the idea of wearing retro trends can be intimidating to some who may feel like they’re wearing a costume in public. Good thing there are ways to nod to times gone by while still being fashion-forward, and we outline them in our tips for wearing vintage inspired fashion below:

5 Tips for Wearing Vintage Inspired Fashion

1. Find Your Time

Vintage inspired fashion, retro trendsThere are as many ways to wear vintage inspired fashion as there are historical time periods to imitate. When you’re building a retro trend outfit, it helps to choose your favorite fashion eras and identify what makes their look distinctive. Here are a few periods people love to imitate:

  • Victorian era
  • Edwardian era
  • The roaring twenties
  • World War II
  • The Fabulous fifties
  • The flower child movements of the ’60s and ’70s
  • The 1980s
  • The 1990s

Note: A single era may encompass multiple styles, so it helps to dig a little deeper than just a decade. For example, the 1950s may refer to a Mrs. Maisel-inspired ensemble or a glamourous “golden age of Hollywood” look.

2. Mix New and Old

Some vintage fashion fans enjoy going all the way with their look and creating historically accurate costuming. But you can dress vintage without looking like you’re on your way to a reenactment by combining old and new. For instance, you may choose a dress with a Victorian-inspired high neckline that falls just to the knees or ’70s prints on more current clothing cuts.

3. Focus On Accessories

How to Protect Your Hair From the SunThe right accessory can bring to mind your time period of choice. For example, since hats were a regular part of fashion before the fifties, they’re usually a simple way to make an outfit look more vintage. Straw hats take a little more maintenance than other styles, but they’re perfect for calling the twenties to mind. A string of pearls will also make people think of the early to mid-20thcentury.

You can also pair your vintage outfit with a modern accessory like a purse or large earrings to balance the look.

4. Pair With Hair

Hair went through as many fashion changes as clothes did, and taking the time to take on a vintage hairdo can really bring the outfit home. Finger waves can call to mind the ’20s. An updo in a bandana can conjure images of Rosie the Riveter for the forties or a rockabilly look from the fifties. And hair swept back in a patterned scarf will complete a ’70s look.

5. Be Confident!

What was everyday wear in the past is a bold fashion choice today. But don’t let yourself be intimidated by that fact. Even if other people think your look is eccentric, what matters is that you enjoy it. When you drop that fear, your whole life will feel like a picture-perfect period piece.

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Vintage inspired fashion seems to be sweeping the media these days. If trying retro trends intimidates you, our tips will help you nail it.